Plea Bargain

Long, long ago (almost two years, to be precise), I swore offmemes…the last one I did was very long, and hopefullyserved to answer any questions that potential subsequent memes would pose…Iwould imagine, knowing how I would fill out those long, survey-likememes, that my answers would remainlargely the same…those answers, of course, being amalgams of song lyrics, obscure popculture references and garbled English (essentially the samemanner in which I writeanyway)…However, I’ve noticed that my blogging has become a bit predictable…every few days I’ll doa large post with Project 365 pictures, each week has a Friday 5 and Y-Rock Playlist, and there’s a News In Brief and Concert Calendar every once in a while…It’s a shame that I can boil down my primary pasttime to only four basic elements…

That said, I’ll renege my previous vow to never meme again…no, I won’t be doing any of those epic surveys, nor will you ever find the words “if you don’t fill this out then a man will appear beside your bed at 1:00 am (in the morning!!)”…well, at least you’ll never find those words here again…what I will be doing is turning it over to you, the reader…I’ve done these things before, and I think I am long overdue for some interactive blogging (and to get my ‘timewasters’ tag back in rotation)…

We’ll start slow, with the training wheels of interactive memes (courtesy of a few peoples on my Friends List):

Comment to this post with a Top Five you would like to see me post about (with pictures, maybe), and I will post it as soon as I can…Feel free to give me multiple lists to do…That should be easy enough…::crickets::


~ by E. on April 2, 2008.

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