Good Bad Friday 5!!

Captain Sensible – “Happy Talk” from Women And Captains First

Former Damned guitarist and founder of The Blah! Party, Captain Sensible and his quirky solo career burst onto the scene in 1982 with this cover of the tune from “South Pacific”…featuring backup vocals from British indie-pop trio Dolly Mixture (who would sing with Captain Sensible on many of his other works), “Happy Talk” kicked off what would be a string of Ian Dury-esque deadpan disco-punk songs, many co-written with fellow oddball Robyn Hitchcock

Morrissey – “That’s How People Grow Up”

A single released to promote Moz’s new best-of collection, “That’s How People Grow Up” follows on the heels of the impressively strong 2006 release of Ringleader Of The Tormentors…as popular as The Smiths were, Morrissey’s solo work has been notoriously uneven…from the spectacular Your Arsenal (produced by Mick Ronson)and Vauxhall & I to the less-than-spectacular Kill Uncle and Malajusted, Moz’s more recent work has seen him return to the rightful position of indie-rock elder statesman…and that’s how people grow up…

Los Campesinos! – “2007, The Year Punk Broke (My Heart)” from Hold On Now, Youngster…

If you thought that the Welsh septet were only interested in dancing with you and me, you severely underestimated them…the hidden track on a record full of lightning-fast chord progressions and plenty of glockenspiel to go around, “2007…” is a great closer to the first great party album of the year…

Blur – “This Is A Low” from Parklife

I never really got into the Britpop scene until a few years ago, long after the scene itself was gone…to me, the groups mostly sounded like druken Beatles wannabes (especially a certain band featuring constantly-fighting brothers)…once I started listening to Britpop progenitors like The Stone Roses, My Bloody Valentine and The Smiths, I found that some records were pretty palatable…take for example this cut from Blur’s breakthrough record, which features an interlude from Stereolab’s Lćtitia Satier…goes to show that Damon Albarn is one creative guy, and has been for quite some time…

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – “We Call Upon The Author” from Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!

Just when you thought that Nick Cave was going to make an accessible record (which you may have thought upon hearing the title track from the new album), along comes several noisy rockers and classic Cave dirges…and if that’s not enough to make for a rather radio-unfriendly disc, the spurts of obscenities and horrific imagery make this album a continuation of sorts of last year’s phenomenal Grinderman project…right on, Dr. Cave!!!


~ by E. on April 4, 2008.

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