Blueberry Step

You’ll remember my “Squirrel steals a pack of crackers” story from the other day…well, I did my best to illustrate what I saw…I was unfortunately surprised to find that I can’t draw a squirrel from memory…I probably should have looked at a picture of a squirrel when I drew it, but just as well…

Day 231 – April 1st, 2008 Stop, thief!

I guess this was an April Fools joke against me, played by my drawing abilities, which I hope are not starting to wane…actually, I drew an Amy Winehouse-looking character in one of my notebooks the other day, so I wouldn’t worry about my drawing too much…

After working at the Help Desk on Wednesday (I got to deliver a new keyboard to a teacher and everything!), I went to get dinner at the Dining Center…of course, the selection was depressing…I headed back to the little cafe in the Learning Center (right next to the computer lab where the Help Desk is located) and got things to eat there…

Day 232 – April 2nd, 2008 Klaatu, Barada, Dinner

I’m pretty sure that Gort conquered my sandwich and chips while I wasn’t looking…darn Gort!

Thursday night, I went to see a band called Beach House…hailing from Baltimore, the duo (augmented by the frontman of the opening band, Papercuts, on drums) make hazy countrified dream-pop while wearing all-white outfits…they were good but not great, and the place was not lit very well, so the pictures I took aren’t the best…what was kinda neat, though, is how their white clothes appeared change colors depending on what color light was shining on them…

Day 233 – April 3rd, 2008 Man, you got a lot of jokes to tell

The Free at Noon concert on Friday more than made up for the lukewarm performance I saw the night before…Joe Jackson and his band were the guests and put on a fantastic show…While I didn’t get to meet him afterwards, I did get many great pictures from the performance…if you missed it or would like to hear it again, you can tune in to XPN at 12:00noon (eastern) tomorrow, or just head to the Free at Noon archives

Day 234 – April 4th, 2008 Hooray to be Citizen Sane in a world gone mad

While I was doing my Y-Rock show, Dean & Britta came by the studios so that Dean could do an interview for the World Cafe…the interview was not about an album, though, but about his new book, Black Postcards: A Rock & Roll Romance…during the interview, Britta was sitting in the studio that sits between the Y-Rock studio and the studio where Dean was being interviewed…I went over to our CD shelves and found their album, Back Numbers, and started looking back and forth from its cover to Britta with a puzzled look on my face…when she looked back to see what I was holding, I showed her that it was her album, and she started to laugh (or at least, I think she did since the studios are soundproof)…I rushed out to get my picture taken with them just as my shift was ending, and they were very kind (even if Dean wasn’t feeling very well)…all in a day’s work at XPN…

This, sadly, was what I saw for just about all of today:

Day 235 – April 5th, 2008 foot foot

Yeah, I’m lazy on Saturdays, but what do you expect?…

Tomorrow, Mr. Larry and I are going with my Jewish Studies class to the National Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC…not exactly an uplifting experience, but a fascinating one, nonetheless…

Monday (after class, of course), I’m gonna be down at XPN for the day…I’m going to be on Y-Rock from 1:00pm – 4:00pm (eastern), and then I’m seeing Carbon/Silicon at World Cafe Live that night…I can hardly wait!…

My neighbors are wacks…

Lyric of the Time:
All the boys with their homemade microphones
Have very interesting sounds.
All the girls fall into ruin
Droppin’ out of school, breakin’ Daddies’ hearts
Just to hang around.

~ by E. on April 6, 2008.

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