When the space-exploring probe Voyager I reached the outer limits of our galaxy, it turned around and took a picture of our solar system from a distance of around 4 billion miles…”The Pale Blue Dot“, as it’s known, showed us how everything that has ever happened on Earth is minuscule on the grand cosmic scale…as Carl Sagan said, “…every saint and sinner in the history of our species lived there-on a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam.”…I felt the same nostalgic futility when I moved out of my dorm on Saturday…everything that I had in my room at school was reduced to two bins full of stuff sitting in my living room at home…

Day 270 – May 10th, 2008 Do my dreaming and my scheming

Of course, since I won’t be moving back into the dorms next year, I’ll have to find a place to put all that stuff…that means a massive overhaul of a lot of the stuff in my room, a task that is long overdue…

On Sunday, we went out for Mothers’ Day brunch…or leakfast, depending on your preference…it was pretty okay, since I sat next to my great-grandmother and talked with her the whole time…oh, and I got pamcakes…

There’s a cat that’s been hanging around our house for a while now…it has a collar, so it’s not a stray, and we don’t want to give it any food or water because we don’t need a cat getting used to us caring for it (besides, it obviously has a owner)…all that aside, it’s so darn cute…Dad tried to get a look at the tag on its collar, but it wouldn’t stay still…all he could make out was “Chucked”…so, we’ve started calling the cat Chuck’d (also sometimes “Chubbers,” which is a great name for a cat)…

Day 271 – May 11th, 2008 And the hole in the screen is barely big enough for you

…such a cute kitteh…

Monday was my first final exam…it was the exam for my Intro to Radio class, which I think went very well (both the exam and the class overall)…what’s kinda funny is that I’m going to have the same teacher for a different class this coming semester…what’s even funnier is that she said that she enjoys teaching the class I’m going to be taking more than she like teaching Intro to Radio (and she really seemed to like teaching Intro to Radio)…I can only imagine what’s in store…speaking of stores (boo), I went to return my Radio textbook to the bookstore after my exam…there wasn’t nearly the line there was when I went to return my books last semester, but there were some very curious signs there…

Day 272 – May 12th, 2008

Your School! More Flags!!

I’m not sure if signs get any more generic than “Your School. Your Bookstore.”…maybe if it said “Your Place. Your Place inside that Place.”…

I had my other two final exams yesterday…while they weren’t all that difficult, they were both very writing-heavy, and my hand hurt pretty bad after I finished the second one…I had my little stint at the Help Desk before going home and getting ready for last night’s concert…

Raised in Pensacola, Florida, which has the highest number of churches per capita in the United States, Jim White spins heretical tales of his own surreal life…using live looping of vocals and instruments, as well as a drum machine, White and his bandmates (a guitarist and a bassist) played and told stories all last night at World Cafe Live…he did a bunch of songs from his terrific new album, Transnormal Skiperoo, as well as some of his best-loved songs, like “Bluebird”, “Handcuffed To A Fence In Mississippi” and “If Jesus Drove A Motorhome”…when he wasn’t telling stories through song, White told some of his most intriguing stories about his life growing up with the Church, his time as a cab driver in New York, and other assorted oddities from his quirky past…he is a truly fascinating character who claims to be what other musicians wish they could be if they stopped paying their bills and went crazy…

Day 273 – May 13th, 2008

A bar is just a church where they serve beer

After I’m done at the Help Desk today (read: “done at the Help Desk FOREVER”), I’m gonna go home and finally get some sleep…well, maybe not that much sleep, because I’m going back to World Cafe Live tonight to see Rock Plaza Central…and you thought I would go to see The Wood Brothers, didn’t you?…

Concert Rundown:
5/14 – Rock Plaza Central with Plants & Animals @ World Cafe Live
5/20 – David Yazbek @ World Cafe Live
6/7 – Appel Farm Festival with Marc Cohn, Suzanne Vega, They Might Be Giants, The Smithereens and more…
(6/14 – Tullycraft @ The Barbary…maybe)
6/16 – The Puppini Sisters @ World Cafe Live
6/27 – Mission Of Burma (!!) @ First Unitarian Church (!!!!)
7/10-7/13 – XPoNential Music Festival with Blind Boys Of Alabama, The Redwalls, Dean & Britta, Matt Nathanson and more…


Lyric of the Time:
Well Frank Quinn is an Irish singer
A scuba-diving, paramedic, and a dead ringer
For every Irish fuck who ever had his picture on
A poster for the offices of Irish Tourism


~ by E. on May 14, 2008.

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