Under my skin, where the rain can’t get in

The Fund Drive pressed on Sunday morning and evening…that morning, I played board-op for the Sunday edition of Sleepy Hollow…I always find it interesting that some un-Sleepy Hollow-like bands often have a song or two in their catalogue that is extremely appropriate for the show (actually, this was something that was mentioned on the air to show how much effort goes into putting the show together)…a neat twist on this is the fascinating new album by French electronica group M83, Saturdays=Youth…On Y-Rock, we’re playing a song from it, “Graveyard Girl”, that is very Y-Rock-y, and on Sunday, Keith Brand play a song, “Skin Of The Night”, that is very Sleepy Hollow-y…it’s funny how one artist can have songs that can be played on such different programs, and on the same album, no less!…

That night, the fund-raising on the Folk Show was a little more hectic, since we also had to do fund-raising during the last hour of the previous program, which was something that none of us had ever done…it all worked out, and all our goals were met, but I was still quite relieved when it was all done…I always get a rush of blood to the ego whenever I’m thanked on the air, and while it wasn’t the whole spiel about me that Michaela Majoun gave during the last fund drive, Gene spoke some very kind words about my loyalty as a production guy for the Folk Show…now that I’m done tooting my own horn, here’s what I had to pay attention to for the whole time I was on the board:

Day 278 – May 18th, 2008 Get me back on board

I started back at XPN on Monday, and kicked off my return with a Y-Rock airshift (and I’ll post the playlist in just a bit)…Y-Rock has a high school student doing his senior project at the station, so I showed him how to do various things…he seems like a nice kid, and it was a nice new thing for me to do…that night, there was a music meeting where we added some neat songs (and some just okay ones), including one that I submitted, “Fools” by the band Dodos

Day 279 – May 19th, 2008 New music needs long meetings

No, we didn’t add Lightspeed Champion (though I will continue to play him), but we did add most of the things on my list there, including friend-of-a-friend local band Victor Victor Band…hear some of the new songs when I’m on Y-Rock this Friday…

Today was only the second day of my vacation so far where I’ve gotten the chance to not really do anything…I was supposed to go to see David Yazbek at World Cafe Live tonight, but the show was canceled at the request of the artist’s manager…I’ll probably find out tomorrow what the real reason was, but it’s still too bad, since I was really looking forward to seeing Yazbek live…oh bother…

I found out that I got straight A’s again this semester…this would be the kind of occasion that would call for a drink, but with my 21st birthday still about two and a half months away, that wasn’t about to happen…if it did happen, however, I would have been perfectly prepared, since we got a very special package from California today…from the groovy graveyards of Van Nuys came the official Ghastly Ones tiki mug!!…

Day 280 – May 20th, 2008 El Santo! Blue Demon! Mil Mascaras!

You can get your own at the Ghastly Onesshop, and join the Legion Of Monsters!…

Speaking of buying things, I just ordered my copy of the new Sparks album, Exotic Creatures Of The Deep…it just came out in the UK today, and I got it from their web shop (hooray for the internets)…I cannot explain how incredibly excited I am to get this record…if you were to add how the excitement of every music blogger over the impending arrival of the new My Morning Jacket or Coldplay albums and multiply them a bunch, you’d come close to my love for Sparks…even though I’ve only heard one song from it so far, I have a guess that it will be very close to being (if not totally being) my top album of the year…and you can quote me!…

Tomorrow I might finally get around to editing my MGMT interview from back in February (which I might be able to edit to be less awkward)…


Lyric of the Time:
Ready to bolt at the first glimpse of failsafe
Signing my checks with a name that’s not mine


~ by E. on May 21, 2008.

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