Intern(al) Wrangler

For some reason I give Arts In The Park far more credit than it deserves when I plan to attend it each year…back when The Paisley Haze Quintet were together and performed, the whole event seemed much better…these days, a group of kids from the Paul Green School of Teaching-Kids-to-Emotionlessly-Perform-Classic-Rock-Songs are recruited to supply “musical entertainment”…after versions of “Welcome To The Jungle”, “Love Shack” (?!?) and “Holiday In Cambodia” (?!?!?!?), I was ready to get going…on top of that, the artists that had booths set up weren’t all that interesting…

Day 292 – June 1st, 2008

...than the pan can handle

That night on the Folk Show, we had a few artists who were pretty good, including longtime friend of the program, Carsie Blanton…for her on-air performance, she was sitting a little far back from the microphones…I was going to move them closer so that she would be loud enough during the interview portions, but the distance made for a very old-school jazzy sound during the songs she did…I was quite proud of the way that session turned out…

Yesterday I was at XPN for my Y-Rock shift (for which the playlist is in the previous post)…during the day, I did some audio editing, making homebrew edits of songs with pottymouth lyrics…I also listened to some new music, including the new album from The Fratellis, which is surprisingly good…good thing, too, since it’s kinda been a while since I reviewed an album that I really liked in a while…later, I showed a few of the other interns how to do various things, like how to put together a promo and how to record a voice-tracked shift…it’s good to be the guy who knows how to do things…

Later, after the music meeting, I walked to 30th Street Station and saw something very interesting on the side of the Cira Centre, which is the ugliest building in Philadelphia (though, to be fair, 1818 Market Street isn’t exactly a looker, either)…

Day 293 – June 2nd, 2008

Too many teardrops

I tried to make it as contrast-y as possible so that you could make out the question mark formed by the lights on the side of the confusingly-designed building…why is there a question mark there?…who knows!

Today I didn’t do too much aside from some laundry and cartoons (doing and watching, respectively)…I did go over to my grandparents’ place to help solve a paper jam and put away a canopy that was used for Arts In The Park…on the way back, I wanted to take a picture of the soon-to-be-closed Station Pharmacy…

Day 294 – June 3rd, 2008

I am your man and I buy the drugs

That is one of three pharmacies in town, and that’s including the recently-opened Walgreens…incidentally, that same Walgreens is going to be handling all of the prescriptions from this place after it closes…as if anyone still has any prescriptions in this place anymore…it’s always been really expensive and I barely see anyone going near it that isn’t just walking by…oh well…

Tomorrow I will be back at XPN, and I might actually find some work to do!…


Lyric of the Time:
Each day I walk along this lonely street
Trying to find, find a future
New pair of shoes are on my feet
Cos’ fashion is my only culture


~ by E. on June 4, 2008.

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