Not A Second Time

The Fratellis Here We Stand (Interscope)

There’s no shame in only having one album to your credit. Plenty of respectable bands throughout history, for one reason or another, released a lone studio recording in their entire careers. Jeff Buckley, The La’s, even the Sex Pistols fall into the “One-Album Wonder” category, and their music is very much beloved. If you would have asked me last year, following the U.S. release of their debut, Costello Music, I would have been quick to say that The Fratellis would likely join those ranks. To my pleasant surprise, though, the Glaswegian trio is back with a new record, Here We Stand, which might just be better than their impeccably strong debut. The most obvious change to the Fratellis’ sound is the addition of keyboards on just about every track. This gives the more adventurous tunes a very solid base for Jon Fratelli‘s brogue to spout out the (real) lyrics (Costello Music‘s gibberish sing-alongs are few and far between here). While none of the tracks are quite “Flathead” or “Chelsea Dagger”, there is a much wider spectrum of styles covered, from riffy psychobilly on “Tell Me A Lie” to tears-in-my-beer country with “Babydoll”. Though “Acid Jazz Singer” isn’t really acid jazz, the long instrumental passages (closer “Milk And Money”) and storytelling songs (“A Heady Tale”) make Here We Stand an impressive sophomore release from a band who probably didn’t ever have to record again. Now that they’ve proved to be more than just a goofy Brit-Pop band, maybe album three will feature some real acid jazz.
Review by Eric Schuman

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~ by E. on June 16, 2008.

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