A summery Friday 5!!

The Puppini Sisters – “I Can’t Believe I’m Not A Millionaire” from The Rise And Fall Of Ruby Woo

One of a few original songs in their catalogue, the “Sisters” still ooze 1940s style and modern-day sass on this song from their sophomore release…penned by the only real Puppini of the bunch, the tune is classic wink-wink humor that’s found in many great songwriters’ tunes (Warren Zevon comes to mind)…maybe album three will be completely original material, because the contributions from each of the girls on this album are arguably the best tracks on the disc…

Albert Hammond, Jr. – “Spooky Couch” from żCómo Te Llama?

I will be the first to tell you that I am a much bigger fan of guitarist Albert Hammond, Jr.’s albums than those of his band, The Strokes…his first album, Yours To Keep, had some of the sharpest songwriting of last year, and I can’t even begin to count how many times I’ve listened to it…I was quite excited to get my hands on his new album, the poorly-conjugated żCómo Te Llama?, which might not be as instantly memorable as Yours To Keep, but is definitely worth repeat listens…the real gem on this record is this song, a gorgeous 7-minute instrumental (featuring buddy Sean Lennon on piano), something you’d never find on a Strokes album…

Fountains Of Wayne – “Hat And Feet” from Utopia Parkway

Say what you will about “Stacy’s Mom”, the power-pop revivalists sure know how to turn an infectiously catchy song…after the release of this album back in 1999, the boys took a break, during which bassist and songwriter Adam Schlesinger wrote and produced music for tons of other artists…Adam and the other members of the band pooled the money they collected from their various projects to record Welcome Interstate Managers, and have been touring and recording ever since…

Sonic Youth – “Silver Rocket” from Daydream Nation

Usually, a band’s best-known album is their most accessible, but Sonic Youth is anything but…sure, “Teen Age Riot” was a big crossover hit and is not as challenging as most of their other songs, the rest of the album is pure experimental jet-set…almost ironically, this month will see Hits Are For Squares, a compilation of Sonic Youth songs picked by celebrity fans, arriving to the shelves of a Starbucks (?!?) near you…among the classic tunes like “Kool Thing”, “Bull In The Heather” and their cover of “Superstar” will be a new Youth track, “Slow Revolution”…perhaps those lucky enough to have secured tickets to their July 4th show (featuring a rare opening set by The Feelies) will argue the ‘hits’ choices between sets…

The Black Keys – “Your Touch” from Magic Potion

My first exposure to the gritty blues-rock duo was back in 2006 with the release of their fourth album, Magic Potion…XPN played this song to death, and it just never got old…by that point, I still didn’t get The White Stripes (they were already in their Get Behind Me Satan experimental mode), and I had little modern blues rock to listen to…little did I know how The Keys would blossom with their next album, the superb Attack & Release, but this song was a sign of the good things that were to come… 


~ by E. on June 20, 2008.

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