Wouldn’t miss it for the world

Little did I know what sort of set-up Zydeco A-Go-Go would be requiring…we usually don’t have very large bands on the Folk Show, with most of them topping out at four or five members (and rarely with a full drum kit)…Zydeco A-Go-Go, however, not only had a six-person band, but brought along zydeco dancers…needless to say, the dancing didn’t translate very well over the radio, but for the first time, I set up a microphone aimed at the audience to pick up their cheers and hollers…I called a few people who were listening at home to find out if everything sounded okay, and as it turns out, the mix sounded more than very okay…it was a relief to hear that, since it was one of the loudest sessions I have mixed in recent memory…

Day 320 – June 29th, 2008 Max'd out!!

In case you don’t speak O2R, all that means it’s pretty darn loud!!

Many businesses in Philadelphia offer discounted SEPTA passes to their employees…XPN is one of those places, and I’d gladly take advantage of their program if I were technically an employee (d’oh!)…luckily, Dad gets his passes from his office and started getting them for me starting this month…this means that I won’t have to use up all of my cash getting train tickets (this will especially come in handy once school starts again)…also, I won’t ever have to wait in line as the woman at my station’s ticket office has a conversation with every person as they get up to the window…finally, it means that Monday was the last time I’ll be seeing this:

Day 321 – June 30th, 2008 Train arrive 16 coaches long

Just recently, I’ve started playing around with some effects pedals when I play my guitar and bass…unfortunately, I can only have one plugged in at a time because I don’t have a multi-plug thing…I’ve settled on a few favorites, and I only wish that I could hook them up together and unleash more noise…

Day 322 – July 1st, 2008 Time delay, bend away

I can play a mean version of “Superstar” la Sonic Youth with that delay pedal…just don’t stand too close to the amp, as it might asplode…

Earlier today, I went for sushi with some of my Y-Rock buddies…we had a good time, and I practically waterboarded a whole plate of maki sushi…sorry, too soon?

Tonight, Dad and I saw “WALLE” …here’s proof:

Day 323 – July 2nd, 2008 Define

Apparently, the “DL” stood for ‘digital’, meaning that we saw the mega-hi definition version (though I couldn’t really tell)…I thought that the movie was very charming and adorable, though I’m really a sucker for modern movies with little dialogue…Dad didn’t think it was that great, story-wise, but of course the PIXAR animation team keeps upping their own efforts as far as visual effects go…

I can hardly believe that the Festival is next week…it seems like only yesterday that an SUV plowed into Robert Hazard‘s trailer…

Now it’s time to reply to an irritating response to a previous entry…


Lyric of the Time:
So michael felt rejected
This wasn’t quite expected
He drove off to his local
Where he felt anti-social


~ by E. on July 3, 2008.

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