Album rundown

In lieu of a Friday 5 (we could all use a day off, right?)…here’s a list of a few new/recent albums and a quick littleasessment of them…think of them as bite-size reviews…

Los Campesinos!Hold On Now, Youngster…
Sure, all the songs pretty much sound the same, but with lightning-fast lyrics and densely-layered instrumentation, the party flies by almost too quickly to catch everything during the first listen…luckily, your CD player has a ‘repeat’ feature…

The RaconteursConsolers Of The Lonely
Following up on the album that was my favorite of 2006 (back when I still didn’t ‘get’ The White Stripes), The Raconteurs deliver a strong set of tunes very heavily drawn from the eclecticism of 70s rock…from punk to country to psychedelic mariachi (sometimes all at once), the album, much like Jack White himself, never sits still long enough to be any one thing (which is a plus more often than not)…

Black KidsPartie Traumatic
It’s pretty much been all hype about this Florida-based band ever since their performances at various industry festivals were met with fanfare from google-eyed hipsters…re-treading a few songs from their debut EP, Black Kids try to make something worth listening to, but it all ultimately bleeds right back into the wallpaper from whence it came…

Fleet FoxesFleet Foxes
It’s rare that a band made up of such young people opts to create music that would fit in more comfortably in Laurel Canyon in the 1960s…with producer Phil Ek (The Shins, Band Of Horses), Fleet Foxes show off their mellow, campfire harmonies and lush instrumentations on their gorgeous debut…

Beck Modern Guilt
It was bound to happen: Danger Mouse has finally blown his creativity streak…what had the potential to be one of Beck‘s greatest records (teaser track “Chemtrails” had me looking forward to a Beck album that didn’t sound at all like Beck) turns out to be a mediocre affair from two guys (plus Chan Marshall) who should know better by now…

ClinicDo It!
I couldn’t be any happier with the masked men of Clinic even if I tried…following the rather-good Visitations, Do It! is a quick, dirty album that’s packed with catchy (yes, catchy) songs that each have their own (mostly sinister) personalities…

SparksExotic Creatures Of The Deep
As Colbert might ask, “Great album, or the greatest album?”…to which I would answer, “Yes”…



~ by E. on July 5, 2008.

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