Under Review: Ladytron – Velocifero

It always perplexed me as to how bands decide when their albums are released. Do they wait until they think their record will be the best thing on the market? Do they try to hit the shelves in the busy shopping months? Do they get them out as fast as humanly possible (or, in the case of Trent Reznor, faster)? I also find that albums from certain bands work best in certain seasons. For example, despite its January release, Vampire Weekend‘s debut is a very summer-ready album. This atmospheric anachronism occurs yet again in the case of Velocifero, the new album from icy electropoppers Ladytron. Where bands like CSS and New Young Pony Club make more bouncy electronic tunes, Ladytron opt for the route traveled by classic darker synth acts like Pet Shop Boys and New Order.

From the songs sung in Bulgarian (“Kletva” and opener “Black Cat”) to the dense vocal layering on standouts “Runaway” and “They Gave You A Heart, They Gave You A Name”, Ladytron deliver one eerie and compelling piece after another. Velocifero might not exactly live up to its literal translation as ‘bringer of speed,’ but this is likely another twist in the Ladytron chain. If you got this record expecting the feel-good hit of the summer, you’re out of luck – for now. Hold onto Velocifero until the long chilly nights of October; only then will the album, “Ghosts” and all, come out of its glacial cocoon.


~ by E. on July 5, 2008.

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