That’s it for the Other One

Albert Hammond, Jr.Cmo Te Llama? (RCA)

Considering that I was slow catching on to his band, The Strokes, I can’t even begin to imagine how many times I’ve listened to guitarist Albert Hammond, Jr.‘s debut solo album, Yours To Keep. Between the classic pop melodies and charming lyrics (plus toy pianos!), the songs from Yours To Keep are so ingrained in my head that I’m having a tough time becoming as attached to Hammond’s new album, the poorly-conjugated Cmo Te Llama?. Overall, I like Cmo Te Llama?, but I’m not sure if I would consider it as solid as Yours To Keep. It certainly has Hammond branching out further than he ever could on a Strokes record. The processed beats on Lisa and Rocket, and the bullhorn-filtered vocals featured on most of the tracks might be a little gimmicky, but Hammond’s musicianship (not to mention his production of the record) tie any loose ends together with a fairly strong knot. The centerpiece of Cmo Te Llama? is the lilting seven-minute instrumental, Spooky Couch, which features Hammond’s buddy and frequent collaborator Sean Lennon on plinking (non-toy) piano. It’s probably my own fault for just not having enough room in my mind for 13 more Albert Hammond, Jr. songs, but I have a feeling that Cmo Te Llama? will sink in eventually. Maybe by that point, I can remember enough from my three years of Spanish to figure out what Hammond was trying to say with the album’s title.

Review by Eric Schuman

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~ by E. on July 20, 2008.

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