Under Review: Dr. Dog – Fate

The lyrics of “The Breeze”, the opening number of Dr. Dog‘s new album, Fate, could be read as very telling about the philosophy of the band. “Are you movin’ much too fast?” and “Do you feel like your stuck in time?” are questions the quintet are likely to field when they are out promoting this album, released just over a year after the acclaimed We All Belong. The latter question has an easy answer; Dr. Dog have an uncanny knack for sifting classic pop songcraft through a lo-fi indie screen. Being “stuck in time” is the only reason I can think of why a ragtime piano breakdown (“The Old Days”) and a multi-part “A Day In The Life”-esque suite (“My Friend”) fit together on the same album. Even with its scattered upbeat moments, Fate doesn’t wear its hooks on its sleeve as overtly as We All Belong, relying more on bluesy, heartfelt songs like “Army Of Ancients” and the stellar “From”. As far as “moving much too fast”, I don’t feel like the boys of Dr. Dog see things that way. Since We All Belong, they have not only recorded this new disc, but released a compendium of old demos, presumably with more on the horizon. “The Breeze” might not be so autobiographical after all, more of a self-deprecating nod and wink, not unlike The Beatles‘ “Glass Onion”. The Fab Four challenged the boundaries of pop music without fear, and Dr. Dog uphold that legacy, albeit with lots more “whoa-oh-oh”-ing.


~ by E. on July 25, 2008.

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