I’m not sure if there was one specific point that I lost respect for some of the formerly-respectable music press outlets, but as The Black Keys say, things ain’t like they used to be…take, for example, the most recent issue of Rolling Stone:

Day 349 – July 28th, 2008 Wanna buy 5 copies for my mother

I know what you’re thinking, but even as a Disney stockholder I’m disgusted…since when did Rolling Stone become freakin’ Tiger Beat?…I’ve been embarrassed to read any recent music magazine outside of my own home, and internet-based music outlets aren’t much better…I’ve never been one of the ‘Pitchfork sucks because they suck’ kind of people, but I’m slowly beginning to see their way…I’m pretty sure the “people” at Pitchfork assign their reviews to those most likely to hate a certain band or album…The Onion had it right…and you know what? the Jonas Brothers are just another cog in the Disney machine, and if they think that it’s them, Disney won’t hesitate to throw them out on their asses and let them try in vain prove that they’re real artists (see: Hilary Duff, soon-to-be Miley Cyrus)…

On Tuesday, I DJ’ed at World Cafe Live once again…this time, though, I wasn’t playing the traditional modern DJ mix of electronica, new wave and trip hop…instead, I played the music that I grew up with, namely big band and swing…for fidelity’s sake, I stuck with recordings of newer swing bands rather than original era bands, though that might be good for another time…I played hep tunes from Stompy Jones, Cigar Store Indians, Bill Elliott and, of course, Lee Press-On & The Nails…I’m not sure if there was a band going on after me the previous week, but there was a group this past week, which may have been the reason for the larger crowd…everyone seemed to enjoy my picks, and I even saw some of the waitstaff moving around with a little dance in their step…

After I was done, Mom, Dad and I went to pick up Dad’s car from the shop and went for water ice at Rita’s…next to the Rita’s was a curious little convenience shop with a likewise curious lone gas pump…

Day 350 – July 29th, 2008 Here on Self Serve Island, we strum rubber guitars

Self Serve Island might be a good place to get banished, but Soft Serve Island is a much better place…

Yesterday was jam-packed with activity…I went in to XPN primarily to see the Old 97’s perform a World Cafe session for Special Producers…Special Producer is a title given to those who become members of the station at a particular level, and are invited to a number of World Cafe tapings that are more akin to the Free At Noon concerts than the regular tapings in the recording studio…

The 97’s were really good, and performed a few songs from their new album, Blame It On Gravity, such as “Dance With Me”, “The Color Of A Broken Heart Is Blue” and “My Two Feet”, as well as “Barrier Reef” from 1997’s Too Far To Care by David Dye’s special request…

Day 351 – July 30th, 2008 Don't tell me the world is in trouble

The session was over around 12:45, so I did some work in the office for the rest of the day…around 3:00, Josh T. asked me if I wanted to see Wolf Parade that night at the Electric Factory…while I’m not nearly the biggest fan of theirs, I rather like a few songs from their new album, At Mount Zoomer (which is a great name for a record)…I said yes and he gave me two tickets, one of which I gave to [info]glitterglamgirl who would meet me at the show that night…the show was pretty good, and I’ll post some pictures from it on my Concert Gallery (along with a few more pics of the Old 97’s)…there was an interesting crowd at the show, and I felt like [info]glitterglamgirl and I stood out as not being hipster enough…I did see my buddee, Ani, from school there, which was very nice…also, one of the guys from Wolf Parade is named Spencer Krug, or as I say, Spen-SAH!… 

Almost ironically, by going to the Wolf Parade show, I missed the broadcast of my interview with MGMT that was aired on XPN Wednesday night…it’s okay, since I was, um, there for the interview, but from what I heard, it (and the intro to the interview) sounded really good…I even got an e-mail from our program director congratulating me on the airing!…

Those of you who know me know that I don’t chew gum…what you might not know is that I do chew some gum, but only the greatest gum in the world, Fruit Stripe…it’s been a while since I’ve had it, but I came across some in CVS today…

Day 352 – July 31st, 2008 I've got a pocket full of pretty green/I'm gonna put it in the fruit machine

I mean, what could be better than gum that comes in a pack of 17?!…does anyone else remember a bubble-gum flavored Fruit Stripe that came in a pink, purple and yellow pack?…I feel like I used to see them all the time at Wawa in the 90s…

Tomorrow is my super feature on my Y-Rock show…Throughout the day, I’ll be spotlighting songs that are sung by someone other than a band’s lead singer (for now I’m limiting it to other members of the band, as I might feature guest singers another time)…if you have any suggestions, be sure to e-mail me


Lyric of the Time:
Play me what I want to hear
Don’t make me have to come down there
Forgot how to think and I don’t wanna dance
I wanna hear few minutes, few minutes, few minutes, of silence


~ by E. on August 1, 2008.

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