A Crossover with Joe Strummer

I was going to take a picture of the really cool posters for the upcoming movie version of “Sin City 2” “Will Eisner’s The Spirit” that were all over 30th Street Station last week, but they were all mysteriously replaced with ads for an upcoming soapbox derby in Manayunk that’s sponsored by Red Bull…if you’re familiar with their annual “Flugtag”, where people build flying machines to launch off a pier, the soapbox derby is similar in that people make outrageous vehicles to race, in this case, down the Manayunk Wall…some of the custom vehicles have been on display at 30th Street…

Day 353 – August 1st, 2008

How do you like your eggs in the morning?

As a testament to how our fair city follows orders, the egg’s “yolk” has been bashed in as of Sunday night…thanks for being so predictable, Philadelphia…

On Saturday, Y-Rock was broadcasting from the Center formerly known as Tweeter for the Download Festival…just like the R.E.M. show a few months ago, they weren’t broadcasting the performance itself, just the DJ breaks in between sets of music (along with some pre-recorded interviews later on in the evening)…naturally, I was called upon to sit at the board back at the station for the last several hours of the broadcast…it was a rather uneventful time, though I did have to come on and do a break myself when the feed from the remote setup was interrupted…

After the broadcast was done, I went upstairs to World Cafe Live, where my cousin and her main man were seeing Charlie Hunter and his ensemble…Hunter plays an 8-string guitar, which has 3 strings of a bass and 5 strings of a guitar…when he plays, he’s playing basslines and guitar lines at the same time, which is pretty impressive…whenever he would solo on bass or guitar and keep the rhythm part going, it was almost like the rhythm lines were coming out of nowhere because of how fast his hands were moving…

Day 354 – August 2nd, 2008

slap and tickle

He was pretty neat to see live…not sure how well it would translate to a record, since there’s a good amount of showmanship involved…

My parents spent the weekend in Atlantic City, which left me to go about my various activities by myself for the better part of the weekend (the parts where I was home, that is)…it was weird coming home to an empty house two days in a row, but I’m looking forward to coming “home” to a hotel room across the street from Disneyland!!

Sunday night’s Folk Show was the annual Folk Festival preview show…along with two musical guests (the ever-adorable Tin Bird Choir and the inimitable Ben Arnold), Gene had some of the organizers of the Festival discussing this year’s planned events…one of the head honchos at the Folksong Society, David Baskin, happens to be the husband of my high school Spanish teacher (who got me in touch with Gene in the first place which led me to landing the gig I have now)…Seora Baskin, as it turns out, recently retired from teaching and brought along a little clay calavera that I made for Day Of The Dead back in 11th grade…from the looks of it, I suspect that he used to have a sombrero that got lost to a closet at my high school, but it’s quite cute just the same…Gene also got a rather large box in the mail that contained a CD and a little washboard that had his name on it…

Day 355 – August 3rd, 2008

That's why they call me Wash Jones

For the fourth day in a row (not sure if that’s a new record or not), I went to XPN today to take on an afternoon shift on Y-Rock and get some other assorted work done during the day…one of the things I did for most of the day was re-importing Van Morrison tracks that we recently got remasters of…now that I did that, there won’t be that big a volume/mastering difference if an older Van Morrison song should be played alongside a newer, better mastered track…let me tell you, if I didn’t care for Van Morrison before today, this would have done it for me…luckily I haven’t cared for Van Morrison for many years…

There was an odd assortment of stuff on the Free Table, including some signed pictures from the Pittsburgh Pirates…rather, two of the same signed picture of the same Pittsburgh Pirate…I defy you to name anyone on that team (and no, you can’t default to Jason Bay anymore)…however, if someone challenges you, you can now default to Adrian Brown…

Day 356 – August 4th, 2008


Yeah, whatever…go Phillies…

EDIT: Evidently, not only hasn’t Adrian Brown played with the Pirates since 2002, he hasn’t played baseball at all since 2006…thanks for nothing, Pittsburgh (except ketchup)…

Tomorrow I’m getting my hair cut, and I think I’m finally getting a new cell phone…woo…


Lyric of the Time:
I don’t have to sell my soul
He’s already in me
I don’t need to sell my soul
He’s already in me
I wanna be adored


~ by E. on August 5, 2008.

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