Friday 5 makes a comeback!!

Ramones – “Touring” from Mondo Bizarro

From one of the band’s very last albums (they would release two more after this, including an all-covers album) comes this salute to something the boys were very familiar with: life on the road…going back to their early, surf-influenced sound (the song integrates bits from “Rockaway Beach”, “Sheena is A Punk Rocker” and more), “Touring” is a fitting close to a band’s long career, even if that close would be brought on sooner with the deaths of the core members…

David Byrne & Brian Eno – “Wanted For Life” from Everything That Happens Will Happen Today

For their first collaboration since Talking HeadsRemain In Light, Byrne and Eno decided to take the hi-tech approach and release the album on the internet…the music is very unlike their last proper work, 1981’s My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts, in that there is a stronger traditional structure in each song…samples are still aplenty, as are the electronic beats that the duo are masters at (this song’s beat in particular is terrific)…

Public Image Ltd. – “Swan Lake” from Metal Box

Later re-titled “Death Disco” and released as a single, this song does indeed feature a musical quote from the legendary ballet…leave it to PiL to turn something as graceful as a ballet into a totally menacing punk-dub experiment with shouting…then again, they were good at turning most things into punk-dub experiments with shouting…

Cold War Kids – “Something Is Not Right With Me” from Loyalty To Loyalty

Earlier this year, I played a song from Cold War Kids on my show and mused that, while I love Robbers & Cowards and everything, we were due for something new from the boys soon…sure enough, this minimal bass-and-drums-heavy tune is the lead single from their second album, which comes out in September…what a track it is, and I have little doubt that the rest of the album will be just as impressive…

of Montreal – “Id Engager” from Skeletal Lamping

There were always more than a few similarities between of Montreal main man Kevin Barnes and the Thin White Duke himself…with this new album, due out at the beginning of October, Barnes seals the deal with a song cycle about his own Ziggy Stardust, “Georgie Fruit”…in case you were wondering, the transformation of Barnes into “Georgie” took place somewhere in “The Past Is A Grotesque Animal”, the 12-minute centerpiece of last year’s Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?…how’s that for Bowie-esque?… 


~ by E. on August 22, 2008.

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