Screaming Fields Of Friday 5!

Fujiya & Miyagi – “Pussyfooting” from Lightbulbs

The whisper-electro guys are back with a new album and a new drummer for 2008…among the tracks on the new album are “Uh,” a 7” single from last year, and this song with the giggle-inducing title…apart from the titular chorus, the tune features singer David Best doing the other thing he’s really good at: a cross between scat singing and reading comic book sound effects out loud…“rrrrrrrakka takkka takkka!”…

Run-D.M.C. – “My Adidas” from Raising Hell

Those who thought that hip-hop was a fad were given a healthy dose of oomph back in 1986, when the rap-rock pioneers dropped their classic third disc…featuring some of their best-loved tracks, including this ode to their favorite (lace-free) footwear, Raising Hell was unlike anything else at the time, and unfortunately no hip-hop sounds like it anymore…

The Moon-Rays – “Blues For Vampira” from The Ghouls Go West

Just like the greatest surf band of all time, The Ventures, weren’t a surf band at all, Chicago’s Moon-Rays make music that has some surf in it, but definitely isn’t surf…rather, the music is an amalgamation of surf, jazz, and film music (especially B-horror and sci-fi film music)…the eerie vibes and wailing theremin make this tribute to the classic horror vixen extra spooky-ooky…

Patrik Fitzgerald – “Safety Pin Stuck In My Heart”

A real punk rock love song (almost as endearing as “Teenage Kicks” or, um, “Let’s Lynch The Landlord”?)…Patrik also had the distinction of being a forerunner of DIY indie music, as his recordings were mostly homegrown, featuring only voice and acoustic guitar…think of him as a mix of the Billy Bragg of the 1980’s and the Billy Bragg of the mid-90’s…

Drywall – “Buried The Pope (Blues For John Paul)” from Barbecue Babylon

We all know that Stan Ridgway is an impeccably creative guy…some of his most creative output is also his least accessible, like this project featuring his frequent collaborator/keyboardist/wife Pietra Wexstun and guitarist/frequent collaborator/not wife Rick King…this song was released by Ridgway shortly after the death of John Paul II, and is the kind of tribute that could only come from the former Wall Of Voodoo leader’s warped mind…with backwards guitars and harmonicas, this tune could indeed be a great soundtrack to a psychedelic barbecue…


~ by E. on August 29, 2008.

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