A swell Friday 5!!

The Beautiful South – “This Old Skin” from Golddiggas, Headnodders & Pholk Songs

When The Beautiful South’s 2004 all-covers album was released, this song was credited to an unknown band called The Heppelbaums…indeed, this group seemed to have some information on the internet, all of which was fabricated by The Beautiful South themselves…this song can join “Melody” (from Erin McKeown’s Sing You Sinners) and “Song To Bobby” (from Cat Power’s Jukebox) in being lone individual songs on otherwise all-covers records…

Delta Spirit – “Parade” from Ode To Sunshine

In case you’re under the impression that Delta Spirit are just a watered-down version of Cold War Kids, well, you might be right…that’s not to say that their music isn’t enjoyable, because it really is…finally releasing their debut album this week, Delta Spirit wail and bang up a bunch of trashcans for a solid 11-song set…this fuzzed-out romp might not be “Hang Me Up To Dry,” but the theatrical vocals and spiritual lyrics take the tune to another level (literally!)…

Sparks – “When Do I Get To Sing ‘My Way’” from Gratuitous Sax & Senseless Violins

Even pop geniuses can wear themselves out every now and again…fifteen albums (!!) in seventeen years (!!!) is enough to cause a burnout for even the most prolific group…after a well-deserved break from 1988 to 1994, Ron and Russell made a triumphant return with both a new album and a new sound…their previous few albums had been less-than-successful in furthering the new wave of Whomp That Sucker and In Outer Space, but Gratuitous Sax added a synthy/techno edge to samples of string orchestras…this would become the new Sparks style, finding its pinnacle with 2002’s Lil Beethoven, and each new album since…

Peter Bjorn And John – “School Of Kraut” from Seaside Rock

Before you ask, know that there is little to no whistling on the new (and mostly instrumental) album from Peter Bjorn And John…what there is, though, is a great collection of mildly experimental and all-around breezy tunes that jump from style to style with each song…as implied in its title, this song features the classic ‘motorik’ beat that drives most krautrock (and PB&J’s buddies, Fujiya & Miyagi)…there are also a few spoken-word tunes that remind me of the more experimental side of Serge Gainsbourg

Sonic Youth – “Drunken Butterfly” from Dirty

Of all the songs Sonic Youth performed last week, this was easily the most menacing…the most intense part was the middle break-down, where both Thurston and Lee bashed their guitars with drumsticks…Sonic Youth might be nearing their thirtieth year, but their constant experimentalism keeps think fresh and noisy (as they should be)…


~ by E. on September 5, 2008.

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