Avast! A Friday 5!

Yazoo – “Situation” from Upstairs At Eric’s
Aside from having the greatest name ever, Yazoo’s classic debut is one of the finest of the synthpop generation…having left Depeche Mode about a year before, Vince Clarke brought with him an impeccable sense of pop melody and hooks, while Alison Moyet’s husky delivery played against the bright sound of the keyboards…despite having only two albums and about a year of original activity to their credit, Yazoo were one of the most influential bands in electronic pop… 

Cold War Kids – “Every Man I Fall For” from Loyalty To Loyalty

For a bunch of guys who first met at a theological seminary and lace their songs with references to the bible and spiritualism, this song is a bit risqué…perhaps the boys are trying to stray from their religious upbringings?…whatever the inspiration, the new record is a great follow-up to a mighty fine debut…well worth the wait, if you ask me…

Jonathan Richman – “Velvet Underground” from I, Jonathan

When Jonathan Richman first formed The Modern Lovers, he wanted to pay tribute to the primitive rock and roll of his idols, The Velvet Underground…indeed, their classic track “Roadrunner” has but two chords; a classic VU trick…on his 1992 disc, Jonathan really pays tribute to the experimental rockers with this track that praises their “twangy sounds of the cheapest kinds”…as a sort of Karmic circle, former VU member John Cale later covered Richman’s “Pablo Picasso” on his album Helen Of Troy (Cale also produced The Modern Lovers’ debut, which featured the original version)…

James – “Upside” from Hey Ma

With their first album following a six-year hiatus, the Manchester veterans bring out an incredibly strong effort in Hey Ma, their tenth album…this rousing number is a definite standout on the record, just as it was at their concert earlier this week…though the new songs might not warrant the “freaky dancing” that Mancunian bands are so good at, but they more than make up for it in conviction and solid songwriting…

Electric Six – “Gay Bar (Part 2)” from Flashy

Did the world need a “Part 2”? No. Is the world a better place now that there is a “Part 2”? Absolutely.


~ by E. on September 19, 2008.

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