Totally Friday 5!

The Van Allen Belt – “The Revolution Will Be Merchandised” from Meal Ticket To Purgatory

This quirky pop group opened for Stereolab earlier this week, and the pairing made a good deal of sense…mixing up movie clips and orchestra samples with (The) Ventures In Space-era space rock, the Pittsburgh quartet make the kind of music that would serve as a soundtrack to Joe Meek’s aluminum future…each song sounds like it might segue into the theme song to Fireball XL-5!


Asylum Street Spankers – “Medley Of Burned Out Songs” from What? And Give Up Show Biz?

I’ve seen the Spankers five or six times, maybe even more…as they’ve been so productive over the years, some songs of theirs get a little, well, tired…that’s why they put together this medley of some of their most well-traveled tunes so that they won’t have to play them later on in the set…songs include “Lee Harvey”, “Pussycat”, “The Scrotum Song” and the YouTube favorite “Stick Magnetic Ribbons On Your SUV”…surprisingly, “Beer” and “Hick Hop” still have enough life in them to keep themselves away from this medley…


Siouxsie & The Banshees – “The Staircase (Mystery)” from The Scream

Originally released as a stand-alone single, “The Staircase” was added onto the proto-goth group’s debut…this is one of the less punky affairs, foreshadowing the more experimental side of Ms. Sioux…the simple chords are very Velvet Underground, who could of course make a tune out of two chords or fewer, yet the melody can be compared to some of the weirder Beatles songs, some of which Siouxsie herself would cover…


Alicia Keys & Jack White – “Another Way To Die” from Quantum Of Solace Soundtrack

Along with the villains and Bond Girls, the theme songs to the James Bond franchise of movies are extremely iconic…from “Live And Let Die” to “From Russia With Love” and “Nobody Does It Better”, the opening themes have served as a showcase for great contemporary artists to stand in contrast to the timelessness of James Bond…this time around, it’s two great talents: the ever-busy Jack White and the lovely Alicia Keys with a buzzy, bluesy tune that perfectly brings Bond into a new era…


DeVotchKa – “Too Tired” from How It Ends

If you’ve never listened to the 2004 masterpiece that is How It Ends, stop reading and go do it now…one of the most gorgeous albums in recent years, the disc combines folk, klezmer, mariachi and other eclectic sounds with leader Nick Urata’s longing howl…this song is one of the more freewheeling tracks, with toy pianos backing lyrics about being “too tired to be in love”…that’s just the kind of feelings that run through How It Ends; lost love, temptation and yearning, all set to a tremendous score…

~ by E. on October 3, 2008.

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