A Fancy Friday 5!

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds – “We Call Upon The Author” from Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!
Name-checking both Charles Bukowski and John Allyn (Smith) Berryman as well as prolixity, Dr. Cave shows off his literacy in a noisy and rocking way…at their performance earlier this week, Cave and the Bad Seeds performed a spot-on recreation of the take from their terrific new album, albeit with more explosive energy and more running around… 

Kraftwerk – “Boing Boom Tschak” from Electric Café

The fathers of modern electronic music never really capitalized on the new wave movement that so heavily copped their style…rather, they made their albums more, well, Kraftwerk-y…take this cut from 1986’s long-delayed follow-up to Computer World, which followed the near-death of Ralf Hütter in a cycling accident…supposedly, the first thing he said after awaking from his coma was, “wo ist mein Fahrrad?”, or “where is my bicycle?”…Electric Café was mainly performed with synthesizers, forgoing the flutes and strings that originally peppered Kraftwerk’s brand of krautrock…


Margot & The Nuclear So And So’s – “A Children’s Crusade On Acid” from Not Animal

So, funny story…the chamber-pop band with the silly name had a bit of a scuffle with their label, Epic, over how their second album should sound…the result is the release of two (mostly) different albums, Animal! (released by the band) and Not Animal (released by the label)…a few of the songs, like this one, appear on both albums, without any immediately noticeable differences…the biggest difference is that Animal! is less radio-ready than Not Animal, and that seems to be all that labels are about these days…


XTC – “No Thugs In Our House” from English Settlement

We all know that Andy Partridge suffered a stage fright-induced breakdown in early 1982…what we tend to overlook is the fact that this is the album they were touring for, and how early into XTC’s prolific career it was released…”No Thugs In Our House” was the third and final single, following “Ball And Chain” and “Senses Working Overtime”…in retrospect, it’s odd to think that XTC ever toured at all, considering how so much of their time was spent in the studio anyway…


of Montreal – “Wraith Pinned To A Mist And Other Games” from The Sunlandic Twins

Did you know that this song was tweaked for an Outback Steakhouse commercial?…neither did I…listening to it, though, you can hear the line “Let’s pretend we don’t exist/Let’s pretend we’re in Antarctica” re-written as something about going “Outback tonight”…I’m sure that Kevin Barnes could write a whole song cycle about a “blooming onion” and not even mention a restaurant…

~ by E. on October 11, 2008.

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