A Friday 5 Revolution!

Shop Assistants – “Somewhere In China” from Will Anything Happen

Best known for their appearance on the genre-defining (and often criticized) C86 cassette that was given away with copies of NME back in 1986, Edinburgh’s Shop Assistants were one of many proponents of early indie pop…though they didn’t last as long as some of their C86 peers (in fact, they only released this one record), the group helped to pave the way for modern British indie music…


The Decemberists – “Valerie Plame” from Always The Bridesmaid Vol. 1: A Singles Series

You may have thought that all Colin Meloy could write about was vagabonds and chimbley sweeps, but this new tune shows that he keeps up on his news from this century, too…“Miss Plame” was a CIA agent that was outed by Robert Novak back in 2003 for dealing in weapons of mass destruction, or some such nonsense…Meloy’s song is the first of six new songs (that is, three new singles) that lead up to the release of his band’s upcoming fifth album, Hazards Of Love, due out sometime in early 2009…


Rufus Wainwright – “April Fools” from Rufus Wainwright

Before he was hopped up on whatever it was he was on when he wrote Want One and Want Two, the first son of the McGarrigleWainwright clan was a pretty happy guy…the lush, theatrical arrangements of his debut album foreshadow his recent forays into real musical theater, even though his opera was rejected by the Metropolitan Opera due to its French libretto…Loudon would be proud…


The Sea And Cake – “Car Alarm” from Car Alarm

The indie-jazz veterans return with another disc following closely on the heels of last year’s lovely EverybodySam Prekop and gang are coming to Philadelphia next month, and it looks like I’ll be mixing them…I don’t think it will be too tough, since these guys have got their sound to be extremely tight and solid after so many years in “The Biz”…


The Pogues – “The Sick Bed of Cúchulainn” from Rum, Sodomy & The Lash

Early on, The Pogues were all about Irish music…this tune that opens their classic album is adapted from a 10th century bit of Irish folklore, and infused with the Clash-like punk energy that made The Pogues an inspiration to so many new Celtic punk bands…they may have later wandered farther from their traditional folk roots, but the first few Pogues albums are terrific collections of folk and punk…


~ by E. on October 18, 2008.

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