Under Review: Cold War Kids – Loyalty To Loyalty

The debut album from Cold War Kids, 2006’s Robbers And Cowards, introduced us to a group of guys who knew their way around religion. While they may have folded up the revival tent, their new disc, Loyalty To Loyalty, draws from plenty of other vivid stories and situations. Possibly singing from the point of view of a tyrannical government, opener “Against Privacy” sets the tone for the record with echo-y guitars and Nathan Willett‘s barely-restrained wail. Lyrics veer towards the personal on songs like “Something Is Not Right With Me” and “Every Man I Fall For,” which probably isn’t about what I think it’s about. Though it was primarily the lyrics that drove Robbers And Cowards (namely “We Used To Vacation” and “Hospital Beds”), some of Loyalty To Loyalty‘s best moments are due to the instrumentation. The buzzing keys on “Relief” and the primal drum stomp of “Welcome To The Occupation” are impressive, as are the occasional breaks into delightfully messy funk-rock. My favorite song on the disc might be “Golden Gate Jumpers,” a tale of someone who talks a girl out of jumping off the San Francisco bridge and becoming another statistic. It’s a great melding of what made Cold War Kids’ debut so great and what they’re doing to move forward. I guess that accident didn’t leave them too shaken up, after all.


~ by E. on October 22, 2008.

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