“Where I’m From”

In my Youth Cultures class, we read some ‘Where I’m From’ poems, which describe not only the writer, but their roots and the roots of like-minded individuals…for extra credit, we were asked to write our own…it’s been a while since I posted any creative writing (this will change in the upcoming semester), so please to enjoy…

I am the living artifact

I am the hiss of a phonograph beyond its years

Born in the wrong time

Full of outdated knowledge and experiences

I am the time capsule

Filtering the present through a lens

That is scratched and dusty

And stained with age

I am the funnel

I am the magnet

All that is meant to carry on

Must go through me first

I am an antique

Time-stamped from a long ago date

Locked away

Unearthed too late

I am vinyl

I am wax

I am wood

I am brass

I am the old country

I am the junior prom

I am in steerage

I come bearing gifts

I am Vermeer

I am Liszt

I am Nietzsche

I am Krupa

I come from here

But not the same here as here

I am stuck in time

I come in peace



~ by E. on October 30, 2008.

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