Thanks for Friday 5!!

The Rezillos – “I Can’t Stand My Baby” from Can’t Stand The Rezillos
For as much as they rebelled against their parents’ generation, punks had an uncanny habit of covering songs from the ‘50s and ‘60s…while this is (quite obviously) not one of them, the short-lived Rezillos covered The Dave Clark Five, Gerry And The Pacemakers and others on their lone album…they would resurface a few years later as The Revillos, but their earliest material is still their best…

Liam Finn
– “I’ll Be Lightning” from I’ll Be Lightning
When you come from a family as musically involved as the Finns, there’s a very good chance that you’re going to be a ridiculously talented musician yourself…such is the case with Neil Finn’s son, Liam…the eldest son of New Zealand’s musical first family, Liam plays nearly every instrument on this, his debut album…on this track, though, his dad joins him on bass…
Haircut One Hundred – “Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl)” from Pelican West
The jittery guitar and (likely synthesized) horns on this track are quintesessntial new wave…a few years ago, Haircut One Hundred were one of the bands that VH1 tried to get back together…while Haircut One Hundred weren’t the biggest or most well-remembered new wave band, this track is a great addition to any mixtape…guaranteed it’ll put a smile on the receiving party’s face…
Pink Floyd – “When The Tigers Broke Free” from The Final Cut
Most people were introduced to this song the year before The Final Cut was released, as it was featured in the movie adaptation of The Wall…in fact, the song wasn’t even included on original pressings of The Final Cut (as the single’s label implied)…The Final Cut was also the last straw for Roger Waters, and he left to pursue a solo career, leaving Pink Floyd a trio…indeed, nearly all of The Final Cut was written and sung by Waters, and the songs totally sound like Waters’ (really depressing) solo material…

Tom Tom Club – “Time To Bounce” from The Good The Bad And The Funky
The most recent album from Tom Tom Club came out back in 2000 (which is more than you could say about the most recent Talking Heads album)…Tina and Chris made some interesting music together, and many indie-pop groups are indebted to their fusion of dance, funk and pop…just think, without Tom Tom Club, there most certainly wouldn’t be The Ting Tings, CSS or New Young Pony Club…now that you know who’s to blame for influencing those bands, give Tom Tom Club a chance…


~ by E. on November 28, 2008.

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