Year-End Friday 5: Best Debuts of 2008

Over the next few days, I’ll be filling you in on my favorite musical things of the year, starting off with my five favorite debut albums of 2008 (in no particular order)…

Mono In VCF – “There’s No Blood In Bone” from Mono In VCF
Another in the long line of modern bands who sound like they stepped off of either a time machine or flying saucer, Mono In VCF truly are something else…their psychedelic debut is dreamy, and they cite Terry Jacks as their biggest influence…Terry Jacks, man!!!

Vampire Weekend – “Campus” from Vampire Weekend
Though they themselves became the definition of overblown, one listen will remind you why they deserve every bit of it…this song in particular is quite fun, but it makes me want to say, “Okay guys, I get it, you’re college brats”…then again, I kinda wish I came up with this sound during my freshman year…

Victor Victor Band – “Lady Of The Night” from Chatterbox
Philadelphia’s own guy-girl blues rock duo have been staples at The Fire, the Khyber and other local venues for a few years, but fellow Philly rocker Andrew Lipke scooped these guys into the studio to record their fuzzy, gritty debut…as their motto, “See 2, Hear 5” implies, Jamie and Danielle Victor do double (sometimes triple) instrument duty…take that, Jack and Meg!…

Fleet Foxes – “Meadowlark” from Fleet Foxes
Like Vampire Weekend, these guys were icons of 2008, scoring big with their magnificent debut and exhaustive touring schedule…also like Vampire Weekend, Fleet Foxes are worth all the attention they’ve been given, and more…unlike so many young musicians who choose to make a loud, bangy record, Rob Pecknold mined classic folk and pop gems from his own record collection for inspiration for his band’s debut…

The Last Shadow Puppets – “Standing Next To Me” from The Age Of The Understatement
To be fair, The Last Shadow Puppets aren’t entirely new to the music scene, as Alex Turner and his Arctic Monkeys have already conquered most of the known Britpop world, and Miles Kane and his group The Rascals are about to as well…their new project’s debut has its feet firmly planted in the past, though, with swells of strings and spy-theme guitars…it’s definitely more sonically brilliant than the guys’ other albums (or any other Britpop, for that matter)…


~ by E. on December 19, 2008.

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