Best of 2008: Concerts!

In a reaction to a much-criticized campaign for the Disney Parks, I dubbed 2008 “The Year Of A Million Concerts”…indeed, it seemed like I went to countless shows in the past 12 months, with each one beginning before the previous one ended…I also saw many more ‘veteran’ bands than brand new ones, which is not to say that I didn’t follow the hype machine here and there…here, along with some pictures and in no particular order (save for one), are my favorite concerts of 2008…

Carbon/Silicon at World Cafe Live, 4/7/08


Aside from being made up of two punk rock legends, Carbon/Silicon put on the most punk rock spectacle I’ve ever seen…Mick Jones is so easygoing and friendly for a guy who was one of the leaders of the greatest band in history; a friend who’s just been through it all…Tony James is his perfect foil: he doesn’t say (or sing) much, but when he does, like his version of “Reason To Believe”, he makes it count…ending with a mosh/dance party, the show was a non-stop funtime…

Sonic Youth at TLA, 8/29/08

It's time to get it before you let it get to you

When I heard that Sonic Youth would be playing at the TLA, I raced to see how and when I could get in…as it turned out,  the show was part of a concert series sponsored by Converse, and tickets were especially affordable…I snagged mine nice and easy the minute they went on sale, yet didn’t wear my Converses to the show (I was expecting that everyone else there would have, and I was right)…though I wasn’t wearing my Converses, some folks that I was chatting with in line were, and we were all given passes to meet Sonic Youth just before the show…by “just before the show”, they meant during The Hold Steady‘s really loud opening set, but meeting Sonic Youth was still awesome even if I couldn’t talk to to them over the noise…the show featured a few new songs (presumably from the forthcoming The Eternal), as well as tons of classics…

eels at First Unitarian Church 3/28/08

Life is white, and I am black

What started out as a strange, unpredictable evening turned out to be one of the most fascinating and unique concert experiences…beginning this time with an hour-long BBC documentary about his father, physicist Hugh Everett III, eels frontguy  Mark Oliver Everett is always good about keeping his shows interesting…in between songs E conversed with his sole bandmate, The Chet, and an unseen diety that came over the PA system as a stereotypically booming voice…interestingly, I’ve listened to the music of eels constantly since seeing this show, a feat that is uncommon even after taking in a very good show…

Was (Not Was) at World Cafe Live, 5/2/08

Was it something that I did or didn't say

Talk about the return of a veteran act…in the 18 since releasing Are You Okay?, Was (Not Was) have been pretty under the radar…that is, until they released their new album for 2008, Boo!…mixing their biggest hits with brand new tunes, stage brothers David and Don Was and their trio of vocalists put on a show that was immensely fun…meeting them afterwards was also a treat, as they were extremely down-to-earth for being such big names in The Biz…

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds at Electric Factory, 10/7/08

Who's that younder all in flames

Without a doubt, my favorite concert of this year was from Nick Cave and his band, The Bad Seeds…it was the perfect combination of grit, theatricality, and humor…despite the tone of most of his lyrics, Cave clearly doesn’t take himself too seriously, cracking plenty jokes and ribbing the audience in between songs…spanning his career up to his new album, the superb Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!, the songs were explosive, rocking, and more rocking…if you ever see Nick and The Bad Seeds in the future, be warned that he is prone to kicking over his keyboard if it doesn’t work during the solo of “Red Right Hand”…

Stay tuned for more of my favorite things of the year!


~ by E. on December 24, 2008.

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