Under Review: Glasvegas – Glasvegas

I always felt it was a gutsy move for a band to begin an album (especially their debut) with a song of above-average duration. It’s been done by Air, twice by Wilco, and that’s not even mentioning the countless prog-rock set openers. The latest embracers of this trend are Glasvegas, who, yes, are Glaswegian. The four-piece takes all that’s great from Glasgow’s long history in music and neatly packs it into a sweeping 10 song package. Immediate comparisons to Snow Patrol‘s bombast and Primal Scream‘s dense atmospherics are easy to make, but the group’s sound is bigger than any one of its influences. The long opening song I alluded to is “Flowers And Football Tops,” which weaves in and out of a moody haze before breaking into a chorus of “You Are My Sunshine.” With each following song, both the guitar layering and leader James Allan‘s brogue get thicker, the latter spouting out tales of love (“Geraldine”), brawling (“Go Square Go”), and being morose (“Daddy’s Gone”). Between the dynamic “It’s My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry” and “Polmont On My Mind,” (which sounds like a lost fifth single from the latest Cure album) Glasvegas’ debut is a promising one; a welcome addition to the Glaswegian indie rock library. Glasvegas never really get too upbeat, but no one ever said that sounding a certain way would prevent a band from rocking. Indeed, Glasgow has birthed many a band who warp pop music through a strange filter (where have you been, Belle & Sebastian?), and Glasvegas are right in line with that regional quirk. If anyone in Glasgow is reading this, bottle your water and take a deep breath: there’s musical brilliance all around you.


~ by E. on January 5, 2009.

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