A Friday 5 that’s really cool!

Wide Boy Awake – “Slang Teacher” from Wide Boy Awake
One of the many bassists who played in Adam & The Ants, Kevin Mooney was also the leader of this quirky new wave/funk outfit…though they never released a proper album, their collected singles are gems of the ‘80s rock world…this song’s A-Side, “Chicken Outlaw” was the closest thing the short-lived band had to a hit, but this song is just as catchy and even more strange…

M. Ward – “Hold Time” from Hold Time
As one half of She & Him (the ‘Him’ part, naturally), Matt Ward won over the hearts of indie pop crowds by creating one pf last year’s most adorable albums…back with another lovely solo record, the frequent sideman to Bright Eyes and Jenny Lewis strums slowly and sings sweetly…the disc even includes a cover of “Rave On”, which only makes the whole package more enjoyable…

Clinic – “I.P.C. Subeditors Dictate Our Youth” from Clinic/3 EPs
When you release a debut single with such a long title, you better mean business…luckily, the surgical mask-wearing guys from England broke onto the scene with the same creepy charisma that they maintain today…their early recordings may not be as polished, but the scraggly production style only makes the music that much more unsettling…just like they like it…

Pilotdrift – “Bubblecraft” from Water Sphere
Fans of The Polyphonic Spree and Danny Elfman unite!…this super out-there trio from Texarkana make head-scratchingly great music…it’s theatrical, moody and, not surprisingly, caught the ear of Spree leader Tim DeLaughter, who signed the band to his own Good Records…think of them as the indie rock equivalent to Badfinger…let’s just hope their luck is a little better…

The dB’s – “Amplifier” from Repercussion
In all sincerity, I shouldn’t like The dB’s…I have a bit of a coup against co-frontman Chris Stamey, who I saw kill the atmosphere of the Tin Angel before a Steve Poltz show back in 2005…to be honest, though, this countrified power-pop single from the last dB’s album to feature Stamey is damn good…if anyone asks, I can inform them that it’s Peter Holsapple, not Stamey that sings “Amplifier”, so I’m technically off the hook…


~ by E. on January 16, 2009.

One Response to “A Friday 5 that’s really cool!”

  1. Wow, I thought I was the only person who liked Pilotdrift…

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