Still more Friday 5!!

Carney – “Whatever Lola Wants” from Live At Molly Malone’s
Though credited to Reeve Carney & The Revolving Band, this cover of the tune from Damn Yankees reflects Reeve’s amalgam of blues, cabaret and soul…the Los Angeles combo released an EP a year or so ago, but has yet to put out more new music…hopefully we’ll hear something from them soon, because their sound is just too good to be limited to the handful of tracks they’ve made…

Animal Collective – “Brother Sport” from Merriweather Post Pavilion
They always tell you to save the best for last, and the Baltimore-via-New York weirdos definitely adhered to that in crafting their latest album…a mix of psychedelia, funk and experimental A Certain Ratio-esque dance, “Brother Sport” brings the deservedly-hyped record to an explosive close…it also features a re-emerging trend in modern indie music: the coda…

Clem Snide – “Tears On My Pillow” from Stubbs The Zombie Soundtrack
It used to be that bands would premier new tracks on movie soundtracks…though that is certainly still common, a lot of video games now feature their own soundtracks with new tracks from well-known bands…one of the best video game soundtracks is from Stubbs The Zombie, which has some of today’s best indie-rockers and has them cover tunes from pop’s past…Eef Barzelay and his country-tinged outfit Clem Snide’s take on “Tears On My Pillow” is a definite standout…unlike Lykke Li, Eef knows all the words…

Lykke Li – “Complaint Department” from Youth Novels
In concert, Lykke Li’s electronic-soul songs take on new lives as funked-up jams…“Complaint Department” is another song in the grand tradition of ‘kiss off’ tunes, and is as sassy as Li herself…she may not know all the words to “Tears On My Pillow,” but damn if she can’t bust a move…

The Cramps – “Bikini Girls With Machine Guns” from Stay Sick
Lux Interior


~ by E. on February 6, 2009.

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