Don’t Fear The Friday 5!!

Tim Curry – “Wake Nicodemus” from Read My Lips
It’s not all that surprising that the veteran voice actor/regular actor had a small music career to ride the success of The Rocky Horror Picture Show…three albums and one hit single was as long as it lasted, but there were a ton of oddities along the way…this song, from his debut, a minstrel show favorite written in 1864, is reworked into a proud British march…other unlikely covers included “I Will,” “Take Me I’m Yours” and “Simple Twist Of Fate”…

Lily Allen – “Never Gonna Happen” from It’s Not Me, It’s You
The sassy Brit’s second album is a little more focused than her eclectic debut, though that’s not to say it’s boring…in fact, Greg “The Bee” Kurstin throws in an unexpected flourish to keep things from getting same-y…this song features a musette-inspired accordion, and other unusual instrumentation is abundant across the whole album…now if only Allen could clean up that pottymouth of hers…

Alice Cooper – “I’m Eighteen” from Love It To Death
Purportedly the song that John Lydon mimed to at his audition for lead singer of the Sex Pistols, “I’m Eighteen” might not be what you’d expect from Cooper if you only knew “School’s Out”…you might even mistake this song for being by The Stooges, but it’s indeed the shock-rock king (back when “Alice Cooper” referred to both the band and its eye makeup-laden leader)…

Bat For Lashes – “Moon And Moon” from Two Suns
The new album from visual artist Natasha Khan is a pretty pretty affair, not unlike her first…if you think that she’s getting soft, just listen to some of the weird melodies and lyrical themes that turn up here and there on the disc…it’s plain to see that she’s more than just a pretty face with war paint…

The Jam – “Smithers-Jones” from Setting Sons
Even when they were backed with a baroque string section, The Jam were the toughest band in all the land…this tune served as inspiration for a lot of Blur’s more proper songs, such as nearly every track on Modern Life Is Rubbish…like their heroes, The Kinks, The Jam weren’t afraid to do a 180-degree turn from their usual upbeat stuff, something which not enough bands today can say…

~ by E. on February 13, 2009.

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