Le Gran Return of the Friday 5!!

Nancy Sinatra – “Sand” from How Does That Grab You?
really was the American Nico…a pretty face and knock-out style singing songs by a weirdo musical genius…now, I’m not saying that Lee Hazlewood and Lou Reed are better or worse than each other, but both are unjustly underappreciated songwriters…Nancy herself is also underappreciated, although some of her renditions of Lee’s songs have become nothing short of iconic…

Peter Bjorn And John– “4 Out Of 5” from Living Thing
Not to be confused with the 1996 Soul Coughing song of the same name, this track comes from the bonkers new album from the Swedish trio…a far cry from the whistle-pop of “Young Folks,” Living Thing showcases bassist/producer Bjorn Yttling’s penchant for weird beats (previously seen on Lykke Li’s stellar debut, Youth Novels)…whether or not the new direction will last for another album is debatable, but Living Thing is a preposterously fun record…

Camera Obscura – “French Navy” from My Maudlin Career
The bad news: Belle And Sebastian are currently on hiatus…the good news: we still have Camera Obscura, and you could do a lot worse than that…the delicate Scottish popsters return for their first album since their breakthrough, 2006’s Let’s Get Out Of This Country…recently signed to 4AD, the group’s latest is, unsurprisingly, a collection of sticky-sweet pop tunes with lovely harmonies and arrangements…maybe Stuart Murdoch could indeed take a break for a little while…

Spiritualized – “Electricity” from Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space
J. Spaceman
is a peculiar guy…I mean, his last name is Spaceman!!…anyway, the former leader of Spacemen 3 scored a big hit with his next project’s third album…the record was named NME’s Album of the Year back in 1997, beating out OK Computer and Urban HymnsJ. continues to release great psychedelic music under the Spiritualized moniker, such as last year’s comeback, Songs In A & E

Blondie – “Rifle Range” from Blondie
Another criminally underappreciated group, Blondie were misunderstood even when their debut album came out…first, an Australian music TV show played the mellow “In The Flesh” by mistake instead of its punky flip-side, “X Offender”…this gave the band their first international (albeit unintentional) hit, and people haven’t known what to make of Blondie since…were they punk? pop? (gulp) disco?…the short answer: yes.


~ by E. on March 6, 2009.

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