Declaration of End-of-School-ness

Well, it’s taken me long enough.

Right now, I’ve been done with my third year of college for two whole days. All the worrying about finals and projects and grades has all but passed, just like I have in each of my classes. As much as I supposedly learn in my classes year after year, I never seem to learn how not to get all flustered by the end of each semester. They should really capitalize on that and get a class together. What would happen if you got really stressed in that class? Damn.

To celebrate, I went to the Franklin Fountain with my grandparents today. It’s such a great place to go for any occasion, and provides so many opportunities to use the old-timey megaphone voice. A breakfast/early lunch engagement turned into waffles with ice cream, which is breakfast-esque. On the way out, a PPA guy that is prominently featured in Parking Wars was putting our van on the clock. He seemed happy that we recognized him, and that we weren’t cursing at him like most of the people he meets. What’s it like to become a ‘celebrity’ by just doing your job while someone puts it on television?

This summer looks like it will be a real gullywhumper. Not only will I be getting school credit for my internship at XPN, but I’ve got some swell happenings that will be, um, happening. Towards the end of June, I’ll be going to Las Vegas for my parent’s 25th anniversary (the first time I’ve been there since turning 21!), and XPN’s festival is looking to be much more enjoyable than last year’s (which was pretty enjoyable in itself).

Yes, there’s no telling what sorts of exciting diversions will come along in the coming months. And, by the way, I hereby promise to update this publication as often as I can! Until then, you can always follow me on the Twitter, and download my weekly music-style podcast!

Here’s to a snow-free Summer!


~ by E. on May 14, 2009.

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