Le Grande Return of the Friday 5!!

Wilco – “Sunny Feeling” from Wilco (The Album)
Yeah, Wilco are taking the whole ‘we don’t take ourselves too seriously’ thing waaaaay too seriously, but you can easily forgive them once you get a load of their new album.  Somewhere between A.M.’s saucy twang and Sky Blue Sky’s dreamy airiness, Wilco (The Album) is sure to send fans’ hearts a-flutter, especially with summer-ready songs like this one.

Kid Creole & The Coconuts – “Endicott” from In Praise Of Older Women And Other Crimes
Blending jazz, latin and new wave music with a heaping helping of tongue-in-cheek cheez, August “Kid Creole” Darnell and his ever-changing lineup of backup players brought some much needed humor to the mid-‘80s music scene.  I’ll put to you this way: “Endicott” was released the same year as Seventh Dream Of Teenage Heaven and Psychocandy.  Yeah.

Peter Bjorn And John – “Chills” from Writer’s Block
On tour for Living Thing, the Swedish trio frequently re-imagines their older songs in the sample- and beat-heavy style of their new album.  A standout from their 2006 breakthrough, “Chills” didn’t need too much reworking to make it fit it with the newer material, as its unusual time signature and structure make it quite infectious.

Sonic Youth – “No Way” from The Eternal
Back when I saw Sonic Youth last year, they opened their set with a pair of new songs.  Now that their new album is coming out, at least one of those two songs has surfaced as a studio recording.  “No Way” is a definite standout on a solid, instantly lovable record.

The Selecter – “Tell Me What’s Wrong” from Celebrate The Bullet
One of the shortest-lived groups of the 2-Tone ska era, The Selecter set themselves apart with lead singer Pauline Black and songwriter/guitarist Neol Davies.  Though they had left Jerry Dammers’ pioneering label for the release of this album, it continues their checkerboard mission.  Though their lineup shifted for a few smaller recordings, The Selecter’s two original LPs rank among the best ska albums of the era.

~ by E. on May 15, 2009.

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