Ahead of the game

Unfortunately, a side effect of working in the music industry is that I get to hear albums a good while before they’re released. I know what you’re thinking: ‘that doesn’t sound very unfortunate.’ For the most part, it isn’t. It’s an incredibly exciting experience to stumble across a promo copy of a new album by a band that I like. It’s also interesting to hear albums that I wasn’t necessarily looking forward to, resulting in either pleasant surprise or confirmed disinterest. Still, amassing a collection of unreleased music has one major drawback.

I can’t think of very many albums that I’m looking forward to that I haven’t already heard. Yeah, it’s a real shame, I know, but bear with me. Getting albums in advance takes a lot away from the official release date, when everyone else gets excited. Being the person who has already taken an album in for a few weeks (or months, in some cases) when the release date comes around is a big come down. The music can get prematurely stale as you think, “Gosh, that album hasn’t come out yet?”

This weekend, I’ll be reviewing Sonic Youth‘s new album, The Eternal, an album that I was very much excited to hear. Unfortunately, I’ve had that album for over a month now and have to force myself treat it as though it’s fresh. Of course, the album is fresh, it’s me that’s spent the time.

To those of you who often get albums far in advance, is this feeling common? Do you ever find that an album becomes old even before it’s released? If the music is particularly good, does that delay this feeling?


~ by E. on June 3, 2009.

One Response to “Ahead of the game”

  1. It can delay the feeling depending on how far in advance you get the music. Also, seeing other people get really excited about a new album often drives me to revisit it long after I’ve grown tired of it and fall in love with it anew (case in point: Grizzly Bear).

    I’m right there with you in the lack of anticipated new releases dept. though 😦

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