What a shame…

Last year, kooky duo/sometimes trio Dodos made a big splash with their second disc, the terrific Visiter. With its mind-boggling percussion and complex guitar picking, Visiter sounded like a campfire party thrown by some kids who listened to Graceland a whole bunch. Though they canceled their only Philadelphia appearance last year, they still recorded a session for the World Cafe, which I got to watch. It certainly wasn’t the same as a concert, but it was the best I was going to get.

What the real shame is here is that the boys’ new album, Time To Die is not very good at all. Produced by Phil Ek, best known for his work with The Shins and Built To Spill, the album features little-to-no adventurous drumming, and Meric Long‘s vocals are made to sound suspiciously like James Mercer‘s (I guess comparisons could be made with that, but it’s a stretch). I’m not really sure who’s at fault here, because both the band and the producer have proved themselves to be quite potent forces on their own. Maybe it’s a similar case to Beck‘s Danger Mouse-produced Modern Guilt, which I found to be really boring. Maybe the days of dynamite bands teaming up with well-known producers to make an album that kicks are over. Maybe it ended with Attack & Release. Hell, maybe it ended with Rum, Sodomy & The Lash. At any rate, you can judge for yourself without having to illegally download the album. Dodos are offering a high-quality stream of the album on their site. Maybe my mind will change by the time it’s released.

Link: DodosTime To Die album stream


~ by E. on July 14, 2009.

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