The Forgotten Arm: Os Mutantes

Formed in 1968, Os Mutantes could’ve been just another psychedelic band. At the time, really, they were considered as such, but their reputation has grown in recent years. Only a few of their original albums were released while they were around, as label contracts and narrow-minded execs struggled to keep up with the group’s evolving sound. By the time they broke up in 1978, Os Mutantes had transitioned into a more progressive rock kind of band, shifting with the times as the rest of the world moved on from psychedelia.

After artists like David Byrne, Kevin Barnes and Beck have drawn influence from them, Os Mutantes have finally returned. At least, leader Sergio Dias has, with the help of whatever musicians he can get together. ANTI- Records is going to be releasing Haih, the first new Os Mutantes album since 1974 (some lost albums have been released since then, but they were lost and don’t count). Pitchfork (who naturally claim to have been fans all along) have put up the first taste of Haih for free download. Check it out, and help give Os Mutantes the acclaim they’ve deserved for so many decades.

Listen: Os Mutantes – “Teclar” (via Pitchfork)


~ by E. on July 17, 2009.

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