Aural Fixation: Cheval Sombre

Like the dreamy, enigmatic music on his (their?) self-titled debut (again, ?), information on Cheval Sombre is hard to grasp at best. What I can find is this: on this record, which was produced by Peter “Sonic Boom” Kember of legendary, pre-Spiritualized droners Spacemen 3, and features Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips on several of the tracks. With help from people like that, you can imagine what the album sounds like. A hazy mix of light acoustic guitar and outer space electronics gives the disc a feel that is, unsurprisingly, not unlike Luna‘s or Spacemen 3’s finest moments. The album collects several of Sombre’s limited edition singles into a light and airy package, perfect for the upcoming chilly season. If you miss the bubbly, psychedelic experiments of the late 1980s, or wish that 4AD went back to releasing real dreampop, be sure to spend some time with this lovely record.

Link: Cheval Sombre on MySpace (whatever that is)


~ by E. on August 4, 2009.

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