Under Review: Noisettes – Wild Young Hearts

It’s kind of a given that, over time, a band’s sound will evolve.  The change can come about for a number of reasons: New Order’s time in Ibiza led to their acid-house album Technique, and The Velvet Underground’s sound took a wide turn upon John Cale’s departure.  With their second album, British trio Noisettes has showed that a band can make a rather large stylistic jump without damaging themselves too much.  Their debut, What’s The Time Mr. Wolf? was a straight-up garage rock record, with jagged guitar hooks and shouted-yet-melodic vocals.  The new disc, Wild Young Hearts, finds the group a bit more slicked back, embracing a classic, AM pop sound.  Sure, singer/bassist Shingai Shoniwa has the pipes to carry soaring tunes like “Never Forget You” and the title track, but the whole band is equally responsible for expanding their sound.  Electronic flourishes in “Don’t Upset The Rhythm” and lilting acoustics in opener “Sometimes” further show off the Noisettes’ range.  Though the album’s sound might be taken as a little conventional given how aggressive its predecessor was, the rapid maturation of the group indicates that they might last longer than some of their slash-n-bash peers.  Not to completely abandon their rockin’ roots, some big guitars make cameos here and there on Wild Young Hearts, but the star is Shoniwa’s vocal acrobatics.  If she can continue to belt out whatever she and her bandmates can come up with, then the future will be a bright one for these rising stars.


~ by E. on September 23, 2009.

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