The Forgotten Arm: Deaf School

What band do you think of when you think of Liverpool? Okay, what other bands do you think of? If you said The Zutons, Echo & The Bunnymen, Frankie Goes To Hollywood or Clinic, then you’ve probably never heard of Deaf School. That’s okay, because until yesterday, I hadn’t either. However, over the course of three albums in the late 1970’s, Deaf School made a name for themselves that should have lasted a lot longer.

Deaf School made some pretty terrific music that is most accurately compared to the baroque avant-pop of 10cc. With suite-like songs and constantly shifting arrangements, they followed in the experimental yet accessible footsteps of their more famous Liverpudlian forebears. Their debut, 2nd Honeymoon is a slice of ’70s alternative gold, drawing partly from contemporary rockers (The Sweet and T. Rex) as well as orchestral and pop groups. The closest thing they had to a hit was in fact their debut’s first song, “What A Way To End It All,” a bouncy riff on suicide that rivals Queen‘s “Don’t Try Suicide” (which came about four years later).

The band, despite some lineup shifts, continues to this day, though they have not released any new material in over 30 years.

Watch: A live montage of Deaf School performing “What A Way To End It All”


~ by E. on September 24, 2009.

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