Under Review: The Cribs – Ignore The Ignorant

Every once in a while I lament over the fact that there are just way too many bands out there.  I think about how music publications around the world hype bands that other countries have never heard (and might never hear).  Even of the bands that have already made a presence, it can be very tough to keep up with every new release, lineup change and style change.  One band that rather effortlessly wades through all that is The Cribs, whose latest, Ignore The Ignorant, is a quiet little masterpiece that pretty much defines the career of a band who’s rarely at the center of media frenzy.  With their newest member, Smiths guitarist turned everyone’s sideman Johnny Marr, the brothers Jarman bring forth a set of fun yet artistic power pop tunes.  Ignore The Ignorant’s sound is vastly different from that of its predecessor, Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever.  Gone (but still appreciated) is Alex Kapranos’ stiff, spiky production and in its place is the work of Nick Launay, whose experience with post-punk legends like Killing Joke and Public Image Ltd. gives the new songs an appropriately rough and ragged edge.  There is an abundance of short, lad-ish Britpop songs here (“Hari Kari” and “We Were Aborted” are particularly great), but the real standouts are the slower and longer tracks.  “We Share The Same Skies” and “Last Year’s Snow” both feature Marr’s iconic chiming guitar, while “City Of Bugs” and closer “Stick To Yr Guns” explore feedback drones and delicate arpeggios, respectively.  The variety of songs shows how much this band has grown up since their inception less than ten years ago.  Though they might not be making headlines or appearing in the tabloids, The Cribs remain one of Britpop’s best-kept secrets.


~ by E. on November 2, 2009.

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