Finer Feelings: My Favorite Albums of the ’00s, #60-51

So here’s what I think I’ll do: I’ll continue with the short reflections on each album until we get to the top 10. I’ve already got longer, more thought-out pieces written out for each of those, and I’ll post them up each day starting Monday the 23rd. It’ll be the perfect way to spend your holiday week (and your week after your holiday week). The way things will be spaced out, one day next week won’t have a list post, but I’ll make it up to you somehow.

Protocol first: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4

Now, on to the fun bits!

60. The RaconteursBroken Boy Soldiers (2006)

The Raconteurs - Broken Boy Soldiers

No-nonsense rock and roll from Jack White‘s first other band. Maybe he should’ve stopped making music after this album.

59. The ShinsWincing The Night Away (2007)

The Shins - Wincing The Night Away

James Mercer‘s project grows its sealegs, embraces the cool, crisp sound that their previous two albums hinted at.

58. LCD SoundsystemSound Of Silver (2007)

LCD Soundsystem - Sound Of Silver

James Murphy makes you want to feel like a teenager with a barrage of textured, slow-building jams. Then you think again.

57. Franz FerdinandFranz Ferdinand (2004)

Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand

My first foray into moderately popular music. It was also my last, since few hit albums are as enjoyable as this one.

56. Peter Bjorn & JohnWriter’s Block (2006)

Peter Bjorn & John - Writer's Block

Swedish pop trio launches an attack filled with whistling, harmonies and incredibly memorable songs. The rest of the world goes along cooperatively.

55. Arcade FireNeon Bible (2007)

Arcade Fire - Neon Bible

The moody band somehow got moodier and, in my opinion, surpassed their debut with this set of bracing, haunting songs. Go on and argue with me, I don’t care.

54. David Byrne & Brian EnoEverything That Happens Will Happen Today (2008)

David Byrne & Brian Eno - Everything That Happens Will Happen Today

The legendary duo follow up a nearly 30-year separation to create an uplifting, very musical album. My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts this isn’t, but that’s okay.

53. Hot ChipThe Warning (2006)

Hot Chip - The Warning

The British robots do a complete turn from their slow and soulful debut. Try to keep from dancing to any one of these tracks and you might hurt yourself.

52. The RaveonettesPretty In Black (2005)

The Raveonettes - Pretty In Black

Glossy and over-produced when compared to their other albums, Pretty In Black still shows off The Raveonettes‘ vast talent as songwriters.

51. Southern Culture On The SkidsMojo Box (2004)

Southern Culture On The Skids - Mojo Box

Surf, garage and swamp-abilly ooze together to create one of SCOTS‘ best records.

…what could be lurking in the top half of my list? Find out starting Monday!


~ by E. on November 13, 2009.

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