Finer Feelings: My Favorite Albums of the ’00s, #40-31

No use in prolonging things, let’s just get right to the new part of the list!  As always, the other parts can be found HERE.

40. Dirty ProjectorsBitte Orca (2009)

Art-pop and regular pop not only make for the Projectors‘ best album, but an all-around gem of experimental music.

39. The Hi-RisersThat Rock & Roll Beat (2004)

Retro rock n’ roll, country, surf…nothing is off limits for this truly powerful trio.  Check your pulse if their songwriting doesn’t make you crack a smile.

38. The Polyphonic SpreeTogether We’re Heavy (2004)

Overblown and unecessarily happy, for sure, but damn if this isn’t one magnificent album.  They sound like the happiest musical cult ever.

37. Sean Altmanalt.mania (2002)

Not only do I own a guitar that was played on this album, but Sean is an impeccably great songwriter.  Snippets and re-workings of some Rockapella songs are here, but it’s his material since his departure from the group that makes this album.  Just don’t expect him to do any of these songs in concert anymore.

36. Sparks Exotic Creatures Of The Deep (2008)

My favorite band’s most recent album is certainly a hoot.  The lyrics are typical Sparks-ish humor and satire, with a little bit of topicality mixed in.  We’ll see how this disc ages once no one knows who Morrissey was.

35. The Magnetic Fieldsi (2004)

Following the exhaustive 69 Love Songs, i is a simple, pleasant (not to mention manageable) collection of selfish Merritt tunes.

34. Luna Romantica (2002)

Dean Wareham goes back to being equal parts dreamy and poppy for Luna‘s penultimate album.  Foreshadowing Dean & Britta, Romantica is just as its title implies: a romantic set of charming pop songs.

33. Belle & SebastianThe Life Pursuit (2006)

So far, this is Belle & Sebastian’s last album.  Not that it’s anything to be ashamed of bowing out with.  A bit too slick in production, the group’s songwriting and tight musicianship keep their unique identity from being buried under the gloss.

32. ShivareeWho’s Got Trouble? (2004)

Combining their own brand of spooky noir-pop with jazzy and lounge arrangements, the dark trio creates an eclectic mix of torchy ballads and surreal, moody rockers (namely a cover of Eno‘s “The Fat Lady Of Limbourg”).

31. The Secret MachinesNow Here Is Nowhere (2004)

Ear-shatteringly propulsive, the Secret Machines‘ debut is a power-packed rock record.  Kraut- and space-rock meet progressive and psychedelic in ways that make you think the band invented each genre.  This album is only made better when you compare it to the band’s limp follow-ups.

…we’ll soon be at the top!!


~ by E. on November 17, 2009.

One Response to “Finer Feelings: My Favorite Albums of the ’00s, #40-31”

  1. Insightful list so far, including some great, forgotten favorites.
    I anticipate this being the first list of its kind not to include a Springsteen album anywhere.

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