Streets Of My Town: Cold Cave

Wesley Eisold is an unusual guy.  A few years ago, I doubt I would have ever heard of him based on the kind of music he was making and the bands with whom he was making it.  As recently as 2005, Eisold was part of the hardcore pop-punk scene that spawned countless 7″ records and t-shirts at Hot Topic.  A musical turning point might have come when the scene’s poster-band, Fall Out Boy, allegedly cribbed some of Eisold’s lyrics in a number of songs on their 2007 album Infinity On High.  In the end, Eisold was given songwriting credit, just in time for him to relocate to Philadelphia and found his most un-teen friendly project yet.

Joined by a slew of collaborators (this time from the experimental and electronic music worlds), Eisold’s Cold Cave is as much of a turnaround as you could want.  Moving away from the thrashing, screaming and overall musiclessness of Eisold’s previous bands, Cold Cave embraces both bouncy sythpop and more ethereal noise.  Their debut, Love Comes Close, features equal doses of each, with ex-Xiu Xiu instrumentalist Caralee McElroy providing playful balance to Eisold’s new-found brood.  Rounding out the core lineup is Dominick Fernow, whose noise generators add a dark and often punishing edge to the band’s songs.

Eisold’s journey could be seen as an inspiration, showing young musicians that they shouldn’t be limited to making the kinds of messy and juvenile sounds that everyone else makes.  With a little time (and some like-minded cohorts), you too can make some seriously classy and catchy music.  Perhaps all that’s holding you back is a trip to Philadelphia.

Watch: Cold Cave – “Life Magazine” from Love Comes Close (2009)


~ by E. on February 2, 2010.

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