Aural Fixation: Kisses

There are some things about the duo Kisses that are surprising, and some things that are less so.  Unsurprising is that both members have also spent time working as journalistic writers (particularly travel writers), which explains the group’s exotic pop sound.  What is surprising is that, given their passion for Euro-centric synths and broody vocals, Kisses are, in fact, from Los Angeles.

In a year that’s been dominated by new duos (think Cults, Best Coast and Sleigh Bells), Kisses are by no means the flashiest group to emerge, though they make some of the most palatable music.  Yeah, there’s a little lo-fi mixed in with their disco swing, but Jesse Kivel‘s cool vocals are pronounced enough to save this project from being just another blip.  It doesn’t hurt that keyboardist Zinzi Edmunson‘s programmings recall both Gillian Gilbert‘s plinky melodies and Tim Gane‘s dense atmospheres.

Kisses’ full-length debut, The Heart Of The Nightlife, is due out in a few weeks, but I could barely wait this long to share a few of their already-released singles!

~ by E. on September 9, 2010.

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