Streets Of My Town: Reading Rainbow

The road to Philadelphia duo Reading Rainbow‘s debut album, Prism Eyes, seems a lot longer than it probably is.  I had first heard about Sara and Rob about year ago, and their lo-fi pop has captured the attention of the city’s “in” crowd.  Though the girl-drummer/guy-guitarist arrangement could easily be compared to The White Stripes, Reading Rainbow’s sound is more rooted in pop than blues.  Prism Eyes is generously loaded with delectably bubbly tunes (some of them previously released) that, over the course of the album, establish, subvert and rebuild a formula.

Both Rob and Sara sing in fairly high registers, kind of like a more scuzzy Mates Of State.  “Wasting Time” and “Underground” give a healthy dose of C86 propulsion, while “Let’s Dream Tonight” and “Runaways” slow things to a hazy, Galaxie 500-style wander.  Just past the middle of the album is “Always On My Mind,” one of the duo’s finest songs.  Layered with a bright organ drone, the song features hooks galore.  Prism Eyes is a deceptively simple-sounding album, with plenty of rhythm changes and oddball guitar runs to keep you on your toes.

I haven’t decided whether to refer to Reading Rainbow as local mainstays or newcomers, cause they’re a little of both.  Goes to show what a little dedication to your craft can do.

Read & Listen: Reading Rainbow and “Always On My Mind” featured on Shaking Through

~ by E. on November 3, 2010.

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