Under Review: Yuck – Yuck

My relationship with the music of the 1990s is, at best, a very contentious one. In theory, I resent just about every scrap of music released in that decade. In truth, though, there are plenty of groups (less popular ones, of course) whose music transcended the prefab mess that the high and mighty music industry cranked out year after year. Bands like Fugazi, Guided By Voices and the eels made sounds that were both smart and rocking, an unfortunately rare combination at the time. With a new generation of music makers comes a strong ‘90s influence. While British newcomers Yuck draw inspiration from a multitude of American groups, their self-titled debut adds a healthy dose of uniquely UK flourishes. Yuck ropes in some of the best traits of ‘90s indie rock for a collection of songs that feel instantly familiar without being cliché.

Though certain songs on Yuck evoke specific bands (Pavement on “Suck,” Luna on “Rose Gives A Lily,” Sonic Youth on “Operation”), the band truly shines when they step out of the bounds of mere mimicry. That the midtempo rollick “Suicide Policeman” and the sludgy, jangly “Georgia” are placed back to back says a lot about how Yuck show off their versatility. And though thick reverb distorts many of the lyrics (and, you know, everything else), the strong melodies make even the most unintelligible lines hummable. It’s quite apparent that Yuck is the product of some serious music fans. They might be nonspecifically derivative or a bit sloppy in their execution, but the passion and joy with which they present their music makes Yuck a band worth supporting.

~ by E. on February 25, 2011.

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