Streets Of My Town: Sisters 3

Even going back to Bob Dylan himself, musicians are rarely okay with being referred to as ‘folk’ artists. That’s especially true when a particular band’s music ropes in a number of genres and influences far beyond acoustic roots. The Sisters 3, led by the Sadler sisters (guitarist Annachristie, keyboardist Cassandra and percussionist Beatrice), frequently employ the use of their ghostly natural harmonies, but these aren’t campfire songs we’re talking about. The sisters’ latest album, Coruscate At The Meadow Gate, is the result of several years of writing and recording. To say that the sisters’ music is quirky is to ignore the darkness that carries through most of the songs.

In “Alien Baby,” the chorus serves as a warning: “Burn, baby, burn/But don’t burn out.” The way the Sadlers’ voices intertwine is masterful, with whoever chances on singing lead often bowing out to let the harmonies take over. Those harmony vocals are just as prominent as the lead on songs like “Pleiades,” which makes reference to the other members of the Sadler clan. The use of theremin, ukulele and marimba on some tracks is for more than just eccentricity’s sake; it shows the sisters’ collective desire to experiment. Though they’re three of the most delightful young ladies you’ll meet, the Sisters 3 can (and will) run you through a spectrum of emotions before claiming you as one of their own.

Listen: Sisters 3 – “Alien Baby” from Coruscate At The Meadow Gate (2011)


~ by E. on May 26, 2011.

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