Under Review: Sondre Lerche – Sondre Lerche

Many people, musicians or otherwise, have a romanticized vision of the past. Sondre Lerche has a romanticized image of the present and future. To him, the world’s a comfortably-paced play to which he’s providing the ever-changing soundtrack. Lerche’s ever-changing tastes have produced several albums of very different (but all very enjoyable) variations on his classic pop-savvy songwriting style. With his last album Heartbeat Radio, he found a sound that was perfectly suited to his range: sweeping, highly orchestral arrangements set against his delicate love letters. On his new self-titled effort, we get what is perhaps the clearest image of Sondre Lerche as a person, friend and creative spirit. Once again working with producer Kato Ådland, Sondre Lerche is a further distillation of Lerche’s vast musical influences and his creativity as a performer.

Over the years, Lerche’s music has largely manifested itself in one of two ways: rushing power pop and baroque balladry. Sondre Lerche has ample amounts of both. The swaying “Red Flags” evokes the flirtatious chase described in the lyrics and the shuffling “Go Right Ahead,” with its sparse electronics, veers close to danceable. Lerche consistently demonstrates his skills at balancing dynamics, with the string-laden “Coliseum Town” and buoyant “Nevermind The Typos” complementing the propulsive opening couplet of “Ricochet” and “Private Caller.” Lerche’s guitar excursions are always entertaining, and on Sondre Lerche, he gives himself a chance to let loose on the midtempo “Tied Up To The Tide.” This time around, Lerche didn’t worry too much about colossal choruses or huge hooks; though Sondre Lerche breezes by a little more than some of Lerche’s past efforts, its irresistible pleasantries are enough to keep even new listeners delighted.


~ by E. on June 15, 2011.

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