To make a long story short about yesterday’s Project 365 picture, I was going to take a picture of the “specialty” pizza from the dining center downtown, as it appeared to be pizza with french fries on it…however, I made the decision to purge that from my memory (though a lot of effort I’m putting towards that if I’m writing about it here), so I took a picture of my dessert instead…Being from Philadelphia, I am a staunch supporter of all things local, including Tastykake…that said, I have not had anything of a Ring Ding nature in quite sometime…so I decided to treat myself yesterday, but let it be known that I did not enjoy them as much as I would have some Krimpets or a Junior…

Day 59 – October 11th, 2007 Our clocks don't chime (what a surprise)...

Today, Steve Earle was the Free At Noon performer…I offer to you my encounter with Mr. Earle from last year…

Steve’s wife, the talented Allison Moorer, did the Free At Noon last year around Memorial Day…she was performing with World Party from Penn’s Landing, where Memorial Day means Jam On The River…that year was particularly rainy, so she and Steve came back to do a World Caf interview…So we’re waiting for the rest of her band to get to the station and Allison and Steve sit down in XPN’s lobby…we’re making chit-chat (Allison had just released an album, Getting Somewhere), and Steve, who has had his belly hanging out of his shirt, starts talking about Bruce Springsteen, and how he’s not so great…so there I am, with Allison Moorer (who is Shelby Lynne‘s sister), and Steve Earle is bad-mouthing Springsteen…that’s why he’s my second favorite “former” drug addict (just because Evan Dando is so darn cute)…

His performance today was more uplifting, though…he has a new album, Washington Square Serenade, which features the single, “City Of Immigrants”…the song, which is being played pretty frequently on XPN, features the band Forro In The Dark, whom I saw in June and are totally awesome…



is running the board for the Free At Noon…making sure that Steve doesn’t say anything that’s NBQ (radio jargon for Not Broadcast Quality…and you know what that means!)…I don’t think that she had to use it, but here she is, anxiously waiting to hit the ‘Delay Dump’ button on the board…

Day 60 – October 12th, 2007 to the dump, to the dump, to the dump dump dump...

Y-Rock went very well today (except for, as you can see in this week’s playlist, the hourly Radiohead installment)…I played a good many things that I had not played before, as well as lots of things I brought myself!…catch me again on Friday at 3:00 pm eastern!

Don’t forget to check out this week’s Friday 5, too!

Donna Godchaux and her band were in the studio recording for Jamnation with The Matt Reilly…yeah, whatever…

Time to find something to eat!

Lyric of the Time:
Chimes sing Sunday morn
Today’s the day she’s sworn
To steal what she never could own
And race from this hole she calls home


~ by E. on October 13, 2007.

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